This is my first story it will probably suck so sorry.......


3. Chapter 3.

*Niall's POV* 

We got to the park and it was weirdly empty, our guards stood at the entrances to control the people that come in in case they might be crazy. "Lads, after this can we go to Nandos?" I finally looked at them after staring at the entrance for ages. "I don't see why not" smiled Liam the others nodded and we sat in silence for a while. I looked at my 4 best friends, Louis was texting Eleanor, Harry was taking a picture of a near by tree, Zayn was staring at the purple and red flowers and Liam was also texting his girlfriend. "Hey guys who's that?" I heard Harry ask no one in particular. We all looked toward the two pretty girls in the distance. I heard Harry tell us that the shorter one with the long curly hair was beautiful but I had my eyes fixed on the taller one with her long brown hair flowing out of her beanie. She was stunning. I noticed their gaze shift toward us just as her hand dropped and the both looked like they had just seen a zombie crawling out of its grave. Louis called them over and they slowly started walking to us. Do you believe in love at first sight??

*Riley's POV*

"No freaking ways!! OMG it's One Direction!"

"Wow wow wow oh wow I'm freaking out!!" 

"Nooo stay calm, it might annoy them!"

"Yeah I know but OMG"

"I know! Ok stay calm let's just go over there and look normal" We walked over to them and beamed. "Hi guys" We squealed we looked at each other because that was meant to be calm. Oh great. The boys laughed "Relax girls we're just normal guys you know" Zayn spoke with his amazing accent and his beautiful smile brightened his face. "Yeah, we're all good here" Harry, oh wow Harry his voice just ugh. Sara loved Harry and he was staring right at her! Yay love connection! Ok I'm over reacting but still! "What's your names ladies?" Asked Liam. 

"I'm Sara and this is Riley" I practically heard the smile in her voice. 

"What are you girls up to on the sunny day?" Questioned Liam again.

"Sara wanted to go shopping today so we did and then I finally managed to drag her away so we could come here and relax for a while" I answered him.

"So I take it you don't really like shopping then ha love?" Laughed Harry.

"No it's boring, in my opinion if I need something I get it and done, you don't need to spend your life on stuff that you won't wear or buy just cos you want to try it on, I don't see the fun in that" 

"She is un believable, she never wants to go shopping shed rather eat or sleep!" I heard Sara say from next to me her eyes never leaving Harry's. They all laughed. I looked over at Niall for the first time and noticed he was staring at me. How long has he been doing that?


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