This is my first story it will probably suck so sorry.......


2. Chapter 2.

After shopping for 4 hours and buying a hole ton of useless stuff I finally managed to drag Sara away "Can we pleas just go to the park for a while! Pleeeease!" I begged her "But whyyy! Shopping is amazing and why the park woman you 17 years old what are you gonna do at the park?" She looked at me like I was crazy for wanting to stop shopping. "I wanna go on the swings" I looked down and my hair fell over my face, she was silent as I studied my hair, brown with blonde parts thanks to the sun and my ends a bright greenish blue colour. Weird but eh I like it. I looked up and gave her my best puppy doy face and her face softened "Alright my big baby lets go" she signed and I hugged her "Yay! Haha and your only one month older than me" I looked at her as she hugged back and we both laughed and hand in hand we walked to the park. "Excuse me ladies, what are you doing here?" A big man asked as we arrived at the old iron gates to my favourite park in the world. "We just want to go to the park" I answered him "Is there a problem?" I continued. He looked at us for a while and there was an awkward silence surrounding us. "No go ahed" he motioned us in and we walked slowly and awkwardly to the bench in the center of the park. "That was really weird" I heard Sara mutter as we walked but I didn't say anything, I could feel her eyes burning a hole in my head but I just kept staring at the bench in the distance. "Riley! Hello can you hear me?" She snapped her fingers in front of my face and I slowly lifted my arm and pointed "Is that One Direction?" I looked at her and she followed my finger, her mouth fell open and I lowered my hand. We looked back at the entrance and the body guard was looking at us, there was a faint smile on his lips. We looked back and now all 5 guys were looking at us and smiling. They waved and and a massive smile broke on both our faces. We waved back and they called us over.  

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