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18. Chapter 18.

*Niall's POV* 

My eyes fluttered open and I could see nothing but a bright white light as blinked a few times and got my eyes to adjust and as they did I looked around and saw the lads sitting around me. They were silent and didn't move, Harry was holding Sara who was crying in his chest, Louis had his head in his hands as Eleanor stoked his back, Zayn was in Perrie's arms and Liam was sitting alone, ever since he broke up with Danielle he got together with Sophia but she didn't like me much so I can imagine why she wasn't here. "Lads?" I spoke up, my voice was dry and hoarse. All their heads shot up and they looked at me, "Niall mate you're ok!!" Louis said as he ran to me and hugged me everyone else joined in and we hugged for a while till we pulled apart and I sat up in bed. I looked around wondering what was missing, I stayed silent for a while and then it hit me "WHERE'S RILEY" I suddenly screamed filling with fear after remembering what happened "Where is she!!" I said again pulling Liam's shirt

"She's still in surgery Niall, I'm sorry" he said "they uh they don't know if she's gonna make it Niall" he looked straight at me and a tear fell from his eye.

"Wha-a-at?" I looked at everyone else hoping they'd say something else, anything else I didn't want to lose her "tell me your kidding, PLEASE LIAM!" 

"I'm sorry" his voice cracked and he started crying, Zayn pulled him into a hug as a few tears slipped from his eyes too. I couldn't breathe, my throat closed up and I went blank I couldn't believe what was happening, she she couldn't she just couldn't die. I need her, I love her I want to be with her she's just perfect how could she just die! She can't leave!! "Niall" Louis pulled on my shoulder and I looked at him, he pulled me towards him and hugged me tight "she'll be alright mate, she's strong" I couldn't far it anymore I let out a huge sob and just cried. I cried for a long time an the others started crying too, Sara was crying harder harder than before and I couldn't even tell if I'd stopped or not, I was completely numb, I couldn't feel anything. After some time a doctor came in "Uh excuse me" we all turned to her "your friend Riley just got out of surgery but she is unstable and we that she won't make it for very much longer, I apologize but I suggest you go say your goodbyes now or else it might be too late...." her voice tripled off as she locked eyes with me "I'm sorry" she said again before she left, Sara was now crying much louder as she ran out of the room with Harry following, I hear her scream Riley's name and then it went silent. I could faintly hear the others calling my name but I didn't respond all I did was get up and run out of the room, I made it to Riley's room and saw Harry holding Sara back, he took her put the room and I ran to her side after closing and locking the door behind me. "Riley, Riley please wake up, you can't leave me please answer me please!" I grabbed her hand and my head fell to her chest "please" I said between sobs, I heard banging on the door and people calling my name but I ignored them "Niall" I heard her stutter, I looked up at her and I touched her cheek with my hand, "Niall I love you" 

"I love you Riley, I love you so much but don't say that don't your not going to die, you can't"

"I'm sorry baby"

"NO PLEASE" she lifted her shaking hand and touched my hair and then slowly stroked down to my cheek.

"Please promise me something Niall" 

"Anything princess"

"Promise me you'll find another girlfriend that you'll love and treat like me"

"Are you crazy! No! No way I can't!"

"Please Niall!" 

"no I'm sorry I can't"

"Why! I want you to be happy! I don't want you to live in my memory"

"I can't princess I'm sorry i just can't, I honestly can't and I don't want to if your not by my side I don't want anyone to be, and besides, would you? If I to,d you to find someone else would you?" 

"I..I uh that's different"


"Because there isn't anyone else in the works like you, you're way to perfect and special, you're unique and a once in a life time thing, there's nobody out there like you"

"And you think there others like you!? There's nobody, not a single person on this planet that could even think to be competed to you, you don't understand that, you think you're replaceable! You're not baby you're not and I can't find and I won't find someone like you." I looked at my dying angel and tears fell from my eyes. "I love you"

"I love you so much Niall" I bent down and kissed her, it was the most painful kiss of my life, I held her face in my hands and just kissed her till I heard her life monitor stop beeping, I started to shake, I could think straight, all I could think was that I just lost my perfect princess. I heard the door suddenly smash open and the guys ran to me, Sara screamed and I just broke down in Zayns arms. 

~weeks later~ 

I thought about Riley everyday, she never left my mind. I ended up getting a tattoo of her on my chest just above my heart, she was the best thing that ever happened to me no I cried every night because I couldn't hold her in my arms, it killed me how bad I needed her but couldn't have her. I blame myself for not having her with me, it was my fault, why couldn't I have just asked her about it when we got home or why couldn't I have just left it! How could I have killed my princess! The lads kept telling me it wasn't my fault but I ignored them, they didn't know, they didn't understand. I thought about ending my life many times but each time I could feel someone trying to stop me, I knew it was her after the last time I went to her grave, I knelt down infont of her head stone and put down the flowers and my shamrock necklace. I touched her name and started to cry again, the sun was setting and I could see my shadow in the ground, there was a pill bottle in my pocket and just as I reached for it I felt that person stopping me again, I looked around, I knew I was alone but I could feel someone touching me, I looked back down and next to my shadow was another shadow it was a girl with wings and a dress on, I freaked and looked again but there was nobody there, I looked at he shadow again and she knelt down her arms touched my shoulder and she turned her head towards me, she leant in and I felt something on my lips she pulled away and landed her head on my shoulder but I could t see her it was just her shadow, it was from that day on that I knew it was her that stopped me each time, I knew she was still with me, I knew she still loved me.




HIII!! I can't BELIVE it took me so long to finish this story!! Please tell me if you like it and if I should write more! Thank you for reading xxx


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