This is my first story it will probably suck so sorry.......


17. Chapter 17.

*Niall's POV*

These past few weeks have been amazing! I could not even comprehend how fast everything went and how much happened in this short period of time, I loved being with Riley and I know that Harry loved being with Sara just as much. The four of us have been out a lot and it's been really great, we all get in well so there isn't any fighting or anything between us which is great cos Harry's last girlfriend didn't like any of us and that caused massive problems. All of the boys girlfriends are good, Liam's new girlfriend though, Sophia, is a little weird, I'm to sure if I like her or not, obviously shes not a bad person but I dunno, I guess I just don't know her well enough yet. Louis and Eleanor are great, as always, and Zayn and Perrie are engaged so its all good with love with the 1D boys. Today I'm alone, I don't really have much to do. The guys are visiting their friends and stuff, I just stayed at home. It's about time for Sara and Riley to finish school now, maybe I should go pick her up and we can go out for lunch or something. Yeh I'm gonna do that. Ill just text her.

Niall: Babe you finished school yet? X

i waited for a reply as I got in my car, my phone beeped and I was happy to see it was from her.

Riley: Yeh I just finished now, why? X

Niall: Wait for me there, ill come get you and we can go for lunch ok? Xx

Riley: Ok sure babe :) xxx 

I started the engine and drove to her uni. As I pulled up to the font I saw her sitting on thestairs looking at something on her arm, I hooted and she looked up, as she saw me she yanked her sleeve down and picked up her bags and walked to my car. "Hi babe" she chirped as she got in and kissed my cheek "Hi beautiful" I kissed her back. She blushed and I laughed, she turned and playfully slapped my arm. "Idiot" she giggled 

"Heeeey! You hurt my feelings" I put my hand to my heart in mock hurt and pouted, she laughed and leaned in and kissed my lips "Better?" She questioned as she leaned back in her seat

"Much" I smiled at her.

"So where are we going? Nandos? Can we go there?" 

"Obviously!" I told her

"YAAAY" she threw her hands up in the air. I laughed at her and she started laughing with me. We drove to Nandos and the whole time there I was wondering what she was staring at her arm for "Babe, what were you looking at your arm for when I picked you up?"

"What?" She tensed up a little

"When I came to get you, you were looking at something on your arm, and you touched it" I was a little concerned now "Oh uh it was um nothing, just my uh bracelet" she stuttered

"Are you lying?" 


"Yes you are"

"No I'm not"

"You are"

"How would you know?" She snapped at me

"Cos, you're not wearing a bracelet" she froze, her whole body stiffened and she did t say anything. We got to the Nandos parking and I stopped there, I turned to her but she didn't look at me. "Riley, what is it?" She still didn't move "Riley!! TELL ME!" I yelled unaware of how loud. She finches and turned her head to me "Dont yell at me" she said through gritted teeth "You've got no right to yell at me" she said again a little more calm, I felt bad so I just grabbed her hand, she instantly pulled away and I was taken aback by this, was she really that mad cos I yelled at her? "Babe..." I touched her cheek "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell at you, please don't be mad at me" she looked up at me and something in her eyes told me to stay away, that she wasn't going to say anything about what happened, she seemed so venerable all of a sudden, as if she had built up these walls around her and I had managed to break a small hole in the wall me now she was trying to cover it up. Her was wrong with her? What was wrong with MY princess, my hand slowly dropped from her cheek, down her arm and to her wrist. She flinched again but before she pulled her hand away I tightened my grip and she couldn't move it. I could see her start to panic a bit. "Niall! Let go!!" She tried to get her arm free. I pulled her arm towards me and rolled up her sleeve. My eyes widened and I saw something I wish I hadn't seen. I gasped and she pulled her arm away and ran out the car. She ran toward the road and I tried calling her to come back. As i clambered out the car I started to run toward her just as she was stepping on the road and that's when it happened. The sharp screech of the tire on the road was all I heard before I saw her collapse and a motorbike a little while don with a man on the floor. I ran to her. "RILEY RILEY WAKE UP RILEY PLEASE ARE YOU OK?!?! RILEY" I called and screamed her name over and over as I shook her and only stop when the paramedics pulled me of her, I struggled to get to her but they held me back, I saw them put her in the ambulance and I dropped to my knees. The one man to my left pulled me up and I didn't stand I collapsed in his arms and everything went black. 

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