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16. Chapter 16.

*Week later* 

*Sara's POV* 

I woke up today feeling a,sizing I could not believe that my best friend and I were dating the guys of our dreams, and Riley slept with Niall the first day they met like what!?!? That is so weird but anyways we're all happy and that's all that matters. I slowly got put of bed because of school today and went to wake up lazy bones cos she can never wake up herself. I was really happy today and I have been from the day I became Harry's girlfriend, all the fans have been really good about it and really happy that Harry has a girlfriend so that the paparazzi don't call him horrid names because he just hangs out with girls. I think Riley is ok with that but I'm not sure since I haven't seen what the fans have been telling her. As I walked into her room that has across from mine I saw what I see every morning, her with half the blankets covering her head and the other half on the floor, her arms and legs splayed out as if the bed is the size of an Olympic swimming pool and her face buried in the pillows. I laughed at the common sight and went up to her, I sat on the edge of the bed and shook her shoulder "Riley c'mon wake up please we have school!" I said quietly, she didn't even budge. "Riley!!" I said louder "Rilels c'mon!" I continued "RILEY!!!!!" I said finally fed up and hit her with a pillow, she slowly lifted her  head and looked at me groggily as if she had no idea what was happening. "Yes" she murmured sounding horse and man like, maybe she had a cold? She widened her eyes and touched her throat "What the fuck!?" She said sounding even more scratchy than before 

"I don't know, maybe you're sick. But anyways really get up we have school." I told her standing up

"Ok" she yawned and climbed off the bed. I was satisfied and went off to get ready since I had a long list of things to do wash my face, brush my teeth, put my creams and hair products, do my make up, fix my hair, get my clothes on, eat some breakfast and then out the door o school, well star bucks first because well Riley so yeah.


*Riley's POV* (she will be talking as if she's talking to you)

After my bestie woke me up and I discovered I sound like a 65 year old man who's been moking for 40 years I went to the bathroom to wash up. I stripped down and jumped in the shower real quick, I looked down at my wrists and felt a mix of emotions. I know you probably have no idea what I'm talking about since its seems to be like I have a great life and everything I could ever want was just in my reach but not really. My life has been a mess since I was born, my parents always told me I was a mistake and I was the only reason they got married but they had my twin siblings me seemed extremely happy about it, obviously it was just me because they were so happy with Tommy and Sidney and if you saw the four of them alone your think they were the happiest family in the world. But then again I was there and that ruined it all for them. I was 6 when they were born and from that day on my life just got worse than what it had been. When I started school I wasn't really liked at all because I was so much smaller than all the other kids because I was never fed properly at home. I was teased for four years till I started growing a bit, then I was as big as them so they couldn't tease me for being small so they picked on other things that were wrong with me. They always said I had the ugliest face in the world and I was really fat and I was the biggest nerd in the world. I...."Rileyyyy!! Are you ok? You've been in their for ages!" Sara yelled through the door 

"Im fine Sara I'm just tired!" Anyways I'll just continue explaining to you in a little bit. I got out and dried myself, brushed my teeth and put in my lenses. I walked to my room and got dressed in black jeans and a baggy grey hoodie I put my hair up in a high messy ponytail and applied some mascara and eyeliner. As I walked in the kitchen Sara gave me my bag, a piece of toast with jam and dragged me out the door 'We're gonna be late idiot! Why did you take so long! We don't even have time for star bucks" she yelled as she pulled me out the door. 

"Sorry" was all I said as my throat started to hurt a bit. 

'Whatever lets up just go!" We walked down to the car and I ate my toast, as we got to the car she got on the drivers seat and drove out the parking lot and to the school which was 45 minutes away. Her phone rang and it sounded out through the radio cutting off one of my favourite songs, it was Harry calling and they started talking excitedly about random shit. I groaned and pulled out my headphones, I put them in my iPod and put my favourite song on replay. I listened to the opening lyrics to Dead and Gone by T.I. and Justin Timberlake and nodded my head a bit. So anyways I might as well continue my sad story. Where was I? Oh yeah school, it got better when I did meet Sara because she seemed to find something good in me and we became best friends ever since. We were 11 years old. She seemed to really love me and I never knew why and to be honest I still don't, but in any case she does and I'm happy. When we went to high school things took a turn for the worst, I thought it was bad before but that, that was just horrible. People started to actually hit me and I could do nothing about it, I tried talking to my parents but they just laughed and slapped me afterwards for lying. I tried telling teachers but they said I was just looking for attention and that I was crazy. I fought through it till I was about 15 years old then I got sick of it I couldn't handle it anymore. Abuse school, at home, everyone hated me and said I was pathetic and a waste of space and If I died nobody would even notice. I knew they were right so one day as I was sitting in my bath at home I grabbed a razor and shakily dragged it across my skin, I was so shocked that I dropped it and just watch the red liquid drip down my arm. It was such a weird feeling that I couldn't even understand it. It really hurt but it felt so good and that's how it's been everyday since, for 3 years I've cluttered up my arms and I don't think I can ever stop. The only person that knows is Sara and that was by accident, she came to my house about 7 months after I started and because one of my bracelets got caught on a scab it started bleeding and she saw. She was completely freaked out and started crying then ran out and we didn't speak for 2 weeks, I thought for sure that I lost her but she was just getting her head around the idea since she never knew how bad it actually was for me. She tried to make me stop but it never worked. She still knows I do it but doesn't really like talking about it. I try not to as much and for about 5 weeks before I started dating Niall I hadn't cut but after I did I got so much hate from everyone and it just brought back so many memories I couldn't stand it anymore obviously Niall doesn't know me I don't want him to either. If he found out I think I would die. "Riley!" Sara pulled out my headphones "we're here silly!" And she got out the car. I got out and shut the door. Fuck I really hope Niall never finds out....




So I haven't updated in forever but uhhh yeah here you go....

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