This is my first story it will probably suck so sorry.......


15. Chapter 15.

*Niall's POV*

My eyes slowly fluttered open as I felt movement on top of me, I looked down and saw my girlfriend waking up. As she sat up and looked me in the eye she yawned and rubbed her eyes. I giggled at her cuteness and she looked at me again "What?" She said all groggily I laughed again and stared me in the eye "Why are you laughing at me?" She pouted and crossed her arms which made me laugh even more "Nothing...I...just...I" I couldn't even breathe anymore, as I regained my breath and stopped laughing I looked at her, she was still pouting so I pinched her cheek and she slapped my hand away and smiled "Goodmoring" I said to her after some silence "Morning" she groaned back. After saying that her head snapped up like she was awake all of a sudden and she looked around, she gasped and her jaw dropped to the floor "We slept in a field!" She yelled I looked around and was shocked we must of fallen asleep the night before. I remembered yesterday, all the memories came flooding back and I smiled, so much happened that day it was as if 24 hours was an entire week but in any case it was the best 24 hours of my life. I looked back at Riley and she was holding some flowers in her small hands. "How do you make a flower crown?" She asked me still looking at the multi coloured flowers. I smirked at her and took the flowers from her hands I picked more flowers and started looping them together, as I finished I placed it on her head and she stared up at me, she reached her hand up and touched the flower on her head "Every princess deserves a crown" I murmerd, a wide smile spread a cross her face and she kissed me, I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer answering the kiss it was so amazing to kiss her it just felt right like we belonged together, she pulled away and rested her forehead on mind, we looked into each others eyes and she smiled "I can't believe we slept in a field" she giggled and I laughed with her

"Even though we did, it was the best night of my life" she smiled again and kissed my nose

"It was the best vista we were together" I kissed her cheek and she leaned her head down on my shoulder, I was really happy right now and I hope she was too. We just sat there for a while just enjoying each others silences, I was stroking her hair when all of a sudden we heard a loud band that scared us both, we looked up and all of a sudden it started pouring with rain and we jumped up and started laughing we were running toward the car when I stopped dead in my tracks and I pulled her back "Niall! What are you doing lets go! My crown is getting wet!" I laughed at her statement and pulled her close, I bent down and kissed her, I felt her smile into the kiss as she wrapped her arms around my neck. We broke the kiss and we were now completely drenched "Way to be cheesy babe" she laughed. I looked down at her and she kissed me again, I picked her up not breaking the kiss and spun her around feeling completely in love SMS over joyed, as I placed her back down she pulled away and looked at me, she pulled me close and hugged me tight, I hugged her back pulling her as close as humanly possible. We pulled apart and I took her hand in mine, intertwining our fingers. We started walking to the car and I knew she was the one.







HEY GUUUYYS! Omg I haven't updated in ages! I'm sorry I jus have no idea what to write anymore, I have an idea for another story but I don't know if I should wait till I can think of a ending for this one, I don't know what to do so please comment some ideas and ill see, thanks to everyone for reading! Love you xxx

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