This is my first story it will probably suck so sorry.......


13. Chapter 13.

*Niall's POV* 

We were at Nandos and we had just finished eating a massive chicken with so many sides it could probably feed a family of 6. I started laughing "You eat as much as I do" she blushed and looked embarrassed "Ahhh hahaha yeah..." I stopped and grabbed hold of her hands with my one hand and lifted her chin so she could look at me with the other "It's a good thing you know, I've always wanted a girlfriend that would eat as much as me, or actually I did eat more but whatever close enough" she smiled and I smiled back and the waiter brought our chocolate cake slice to us. He gave us two spoons and told us to enjoy, I took a bit from the cake and looked at her he was staring at me and I made a funny face at her and she started laughing, I took her hand and she stopped I was still holding the spoon with cake on it and I moved it toward her "Open up" I said I fed her the cake, she laughed again and grabbed her spoon and gave me some cake too. We ended up feeding each other half the slice when two girls came up to us. "OMG HI NIALL!!" The both practically screamed "PLEASE SIGN THESE FOR US" they gave me some stuff and a pen and I signed it for them.they asked to take pictures so I got up and did but I was getting annoyed cos they wouldn't leave and I was on a date. As I sat back down they turned to Riley "Who are you?" The one asked 

"Im Riley" she simply stated back

"She's my new girlfriend" I said proudly grabbing her hand again. They gasped and I already new what was coming I squeezed her hand but she didn't break eye-contact with the two girls. "What??!!" They asked 

"Im his new girlfriend" she repeated 

"But why? Look at her Niall she's so fat and ugly and eww what is she wearing and OMG her hair explain to me why it's blue?" They looked at me expectantly I got angry and frustrated they didn't even know her "She's ugly or fat, her clothes are fine and her hair is cute and unique ok?She's amazing, you don't even know her so why are you judging her!?" I heard my voice get louder and louder with each word and they were really shocked, Riley was squeezing my hand now "Niall, baby calm down its ok" she said softly I took a deep breath and looked at the girls that were horrid to my princess "Can you just leave us alone?! Like NOW" I told them, they looked at Riley "Fat bitch" and with that they ran off. I looked at her and she stared off at them I moved up closer to her and pulled her into a hug, she answered my hug but just by placing her arms on mine, I squeezed her tighter but she stayed the same. "You shouldn't listen to them, you're beautiful princess I don't care what they say" I whispered into the crook of her neck. I looked up at her and she smiled "It's fine don't worry" was all she said I was about to say something when her phone beeped she reached in her bag and pulled it put she unlocked it and read her message 

S: Hey Riles what's up? How's your day with Niall? 

Its from Sara she said, she showed me the message and I smiled a little "We'll are you gonna tell her what happened?" She smirked and typed

R: Hey Sara, not much you? My days been awesome!! We got home and ate pizza then we made out for a while then went back to my room and well you can think what you want for the rest ;) anyways we're together now haha and we went out to Nandos we just finished eating now ! How's you and Harry though? Tell me everything bye! 

She put her phone down and looked up at me finishing the cake, she started laughing. I called the waiter and got our check, I paid and then we left back to her car "Thanks so much Niall this has been the best day ever" 

"You're welcome baby and thank you for making it a million times better" I bent down a bit and kissed the top of her head, she smiled and blushed and looked up at me just as we reached her car. It was around 10 pm now and the moon was really bright since there were no clouds out to cover it. She leaned on the driver side of the car and I leaned on her squishing her in between. I smiled at her "You have the most amazing eyes" I said as I kissed her 

"Nobody has nicer eyes than you" she whispered against my lips, we deepened the kiss until I felt goose bumps on her arms. "Are you cold?" 

"A little but I'm fine" I looked around thinking what to do since I didn't have my jacket. I pulled her arms into me so they were resting on my chest and I wrapped my arms around her pulling her closer to me. I kissed her again and we just stayed like that for awhile kissing in the almost empty parking lot. "I don't want to go home" I said hoping she'd feel the same way

"Me either" our foreheads were touching and she still had her eyes closed

"I can take you somewhere really nice if you want it's my favourite place to go and think, I've never taken anyone there before" I told her she looked at me 

"Ok" she gave me the car keys and I sat in the drivers seat as she made her way around and sat next to me. This is going to be amazing.

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