This is my first story it will probably suck so sorry.......


10. Chapter 10.

*Riley's POV*

I could not believe what just happened. Did I really just do that? "Niall" 


"Nothing I was just checking I'm not imagining this cos I'm insane"

"Hahaha why would this not be real?"

"Because, you are so amazing and perfect and you could have whoever you want, you could have any beautiful, skinny, tall, smart and funny girl and all I am from those is tall, you could have anyone with everything and with talent and you could have a perfect girl so why would you be here with me?" 


*Niall's POV* 

like could not believe what she just told me why would she think that?? She was perfect! Idid want to be with her all the time I was even going to ask her out is she insane! "Are you crazy?!" I said to her pushing her down and hanging over her so I was looking her right in the eyes. She turned her head avoiding my gaze "Hey!?" I pulled her face toward mine "Did you hear me I said are you crazy?"

'Sorry Niall" 

"What? Why are you sorry? There's nothing to be sorry about! Why do you feel like that?" 

"I uhh it's just umm I don't know.....I shouldn't have even brought it up I was thinking that I didn't men to say it" she had tears in her eyes but she held them in. 

"But why? You're beautiful" she blushed and looked away

"Thanks" why didn't she believe me? I kissed her again but differently this time I kissed her passionately and sweetly like she had been my girlfriend for ages. I was holding her cheeks in my hands and she had her hands on my chest. "I've learned lots about you Riley you're amazing, you're special didn't you know that?" I didn't move from her lips and I didn't open my eyes I just waited for her answer. It never came. I opened my eyes to look at her closed ones her eyes fluttered open and for the first time I really noticed every single colour in her eyes. Wow I loved her eyes, they were hazel and green and black and amber and it was amazing. "I love your eyes" she said so silently it seemed like it was only meant for me to hear. "I love you" I said and her face filled with shock and my eyes grew wide. Did I really just say that? 

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