The Tour

Eleanor was put into care when she was five and was split up from her brothers and sisters. one day during school she is reunited with her family as she goes on tour with them, but there is hate from her bully from school, Dan from District 3 doesn't like her much. and she falls in love with her sisters best mate. will the tour be too much drama. or will she survive and be happy with her new family


6. shopping

I woke up next to JJ. we were still in the single bed. all of the other boys had fallen asleep. i checked the time. it was 11 in the morning. i got up and went to get changed when i suddenly i realised i had no clothes. all i had was my school uniform. i ran back into the bedroom and woke up JJ. he woke up and looked at me. "what" i asked. "you have really pretty eyes" he said. i blushed. "we need to go shopping, i have no other clothes," he said. he nodded and he went to get changed. i headed into the kitchen. i saw Niall. "hey," i said. he looked over and nodded. "what u doing today," i said.

"i need a new guitar," he said.

"same, my old one is at the care home," i said.

"You play guitar?" he asked. i nodded. "you any good," he continued.

"only the best," i joked and he laughed.

"you wanna tag along me and JJ i need clothes and stuff and a guitar and we're going to Nandos," i said. his eyes brightened and he nodded. JJ came out and we headed out. i saw Jack Wills first. we all headed in and i picked three hoodies and some t shirts and skinny jeans. i got red ones, blue ones, purple ones, black ones and aqua ones. i was heading up to pay when i spotted a striped shirt. there was one left. i quickly grabbed it and paid. we headed out and me and Niall went to get shoes. i got a pair of Nikes and converse and some awesome socks. once we'd finished we went to get guitars. i walked into the shop and i was in heaven. me and Niall were running around like little kids. i found the perfect guitar. it was a classic with a red and blue trim. i grabbed it and picked out an awesome guitar pic with a british flag on it and i headed with Niall to pay. he had one with a green edge. we paid and headed back to the bus.

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