The Tour

Eleanor was put into care when she was five and was split up from her brothers and sisters. one day during school she is reunited with her family as she goes on tour with them, but there is hate from her bully from school, Dan from District 3 doesn't like her much. and she falls in love with her sisters best mate. will the tour be too much drama. or will she survive and be happy with her new family


5. room mates

it had been an hour of truth or dare. so far i had kissed greg, Harry sat on my lap and Niall kissed my cheek and i am still holding hands with JJ. "right guys, we've got to sort out rooms, as there's alot of us there's Five to a room," Liam said. we all nodded and we got into fives. it was Little mix and steph. One direction . Union J plus greg. there was me, JJ, and district 3 left. "you guys together?' Liam asked. i held onto JJ's hand tighter. Dan was giving me the most evil glares. if looks could kill. i would be dead on the floor. we all nodded and he pointed to the room that was left. there were three single beds and one double bed. "i think Eleanor should have a single bed," JJ said. we all agreed and i went and sat on it. the boys decided who was getting the others by a pillow fight. the losers were Dan and Micky. they headed over to the double bed and JJ came and sat on mine. we were talking about random shit until Dan came over. "look we've got to just put up with each other, seeing as we're room mates for this tour," he said. 

"i haven't got a problem with you, your the one who's been giving me evil looks," i said. he just scowled and walked off. i leant my head on JJ's shoulder and felt myself drifting off.

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