The Tour

Eleanor was put into care when she was five and was split up from her brothers and sisters. one day during school she is reunited with her family as she goes on tour with them, but there is hate from her bully from school, Dan from District 3 doesn't like her much. and she falls in love with her sisters best mate. will the tour be too much drama. or will she survive and be happy with her new family


13. lost my family again?

We had just arrived at Nandos and headed towards a table. we ordered our food and we were all laughing and talking and having fun. suddenly four police officers came up to us. "i'm sorry but you have to go into care if you'd follow me please?" he said. i looked at JJ. he looked down. "you knew?" i asked my brother. he nodded and walked out.i tried to follow him but one of the police officers grabbed hold of me. "you have to come with us," they said and dragged me off towards the door. another one had greg and another one had Sasha. i was crying and kicking. "JJ, PLEASE!!" I screamed. i managed to kick the police officer in the balls and he dropped me. i tried to run but another one grabbed me by the hair. all of the others were trying to get them to stop. one person in particular. i couldn't stop. i was losing the again. Greg was trying not to cry. i could see it. Sasha was scared stiff. she had no idea what was happening. i still couldn't see my brother. i was shoved into a police car and we drove off. i looked out of the window and saw JJ in another police car, waht the hell was going on. the car pulled over outside a run down warehouse. "we're not real policemen, didn't you realise that. if you want to see your little friends again, i'd co-operate if i was you," he said. i nodded. he dragged me inside. The others were already inside. he threw me in a room and locked the door. JJ ran up to me. "are you ok," he asked me. i shook my head and burst into tears. he pulled me onto his lap and stroked my hair. i could hear Sasha crying in the room next door. i was so scared. i had lost my family again. it was just me and JJ now.

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