The Tour

Eleanor was put into care when she was five and was split up from her brothers and sisters. one day during school she is reunited with her family as she goes on tour with them, but there is hate from her bully from school, Dan from District 3 doesn't like her much. and she falls in love with her sisters best mate. will the tour be too much drama. or will she survive and be happy with her new family


8. First Kiss

It had been two weeks now. i was officially with JJ. i loved him i guess. the other JJ is alright with it i think. i was in the bedroom with JJ i was playing guitar and we were both singing. we're all used to everybody singing. once we'd finished the song. i looked at JJ he looked at me. he leant in and i let him. my first kiss (excluding the one with Greg, that didn't count it was a dare,) he asked for entrance. he won and i kissed back. he placed his hands on my waist and a wrapped my arms around his neck. "WOAH IF YOUR GONNA MAKE OUT ATLEAST PUT A SIGN ON THE DOOR!!" Niall exclaimed as he walked in. i pulled away and blushed and JJ just laughed. "you ready for the show he asked us. we nodded and i grabbed JJ's hand and we headed out. i saw Dan glaring at me. he had his arm around steph. yes they were together. I don't know why Dan has it in for me. he keeps sending me these texts and he trips me over and when it was just us on the tour bus for the night. he locked me in the wardrobe. i acted like i didn't care but secretly i was terrified of him. of what he would do next. he walked up beside me and got his phone out. i got a text. i checked it. it was from him. 'everyones going out again tonight, pretend to have a head ache and don't go, make sure lover boy goes so we have the night to our selves. i put it away. he placed his hand on my shoulder and i whinpered. JJ looked at me "you alright," he asked me. i nodded "just cold," i lied. he nodded and wrapped his arm around me.

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