Secrets (A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Grace is a fifteen year old girl from London. She isn't the most outgoing person, she never really talks to anybody.
But when she gets to know that 'new Kid' in school, she finally opens up. Will he still talk to her, once he finds out about her secrets?

(One Direction are NOT famous here.)


19. Stay?

Sure, I'm bored as well! 


I ran over to my bathroom. 

I grabbed my blades and threw them into my closet. I thought about getting changed again, but no, I had to do my hair again, I did not want to look like some sort of zombie.

I braided my hair and put some hairspray on. 

I then threw on a jumper, to hide my arms and barged trough my mom's bedroom door in a matter of minutes.


''What do you want Grace?'' she did not look up from her Laptop.

''Uh I.. a friend of mine.. uh..'' 

''Common Grace? what is it? what do you want to tell me?''

''A friend of mine is coming over right now, we really need to work on our homework.'' I said, looking at her with a nervous smile.

''Now? But Grace, it's late!'' she finally looked at me. ''Uh and why are you all done up?''

''He is already on his way mom!'' I was panicking right now.

''So it's a boy?'' 

'' Yes. It's Niall, and he won't rape me, goodnight love you!'' I ran out before she could argue further, and sprinted down the stairs to wait for him to arrive.

I did not have to wait too long. After about four minutes the doorbell rang.

I opened up, and he stood in front of me, looking absolutely gorgeous.

''Hi.'' he breathed, smiling at me.

''Come in, Niall.'' I smiled widely and motioned for him to come in.

He walked in, and plopped down on our kitchen counter.

''So Grace, first off, nice living room.'' his beautiful eyes were sparkling as he looked at me and smiled. ''But why the hell are you all done up love?'' 

''Uh I.. uh.. I don't know.'' I said, looking down.

''Well, I like you, whether you are done up or just in sweats. I don't really give a damn.'' he chuckled. Niall then jumped down the counter and stood in front of me.

''Let's just go up to your room alright?'' he asked.

I took his hand and took him to my room.

I really was surprised by my bravery. I had never ever taken somebody's hand before. Never.

I opened the door, and shoved him inside before my mom could come out to greet him. 

You never know.

He stood there and starred at my bed. Suddenly, he began to turn around.

''Wow,I love it Grace! So nice! Can I uhm sit down on your bed?''

''Of course, and thanks.'' I smiled and watched him sit down.

''Come here lovely!'' he said, almost whispering.

I sat down next to him and we talked about school for a little while. 

''Uh Niall? Shall we uh watch a movie?'' I said,as quiet as possible.

''What movie?'' he grinned widely. 

We chose to watch The Notebook, my favorite movie. 

I got my Laptop out and we started the movie. 

Niall and I leaned our backs against the wall and after a while, Niall began to put his arm around me.

I smiled to myself and looked up the Irish boy.

He looked into my eyes, before turning his attention back to the Notebook, smiling. 

We continued watching the movie, his arm around me.

By the end of it, we were really tired and looked at each other. 

''Can I stay the night? Only if it's okay though, of course.'' he asked.

''Uh sure Niall, I'd like that.'' I smiled. 



Oh Lord.I could feel it. I could feel it in the air.

I was starting to fall for Niall.

Head over heels.

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