Secrets (A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Grace is a fifteen year old girl from London. She isn't the most outgoing person, she never really talks to anybody.
But when she gets to know that 'new Kid' in school, she finally opens up. Will he still talk to her, once he finds out about her secrets?

(One Direction are NOT famous here.)


7. Pinky promise

We came home shortly after. Mom was already preparing lunch.  

''Hey lovelies, how are ya both?'' she asked us. 

''I'm great Momma, you won't believe...'' my sister began talking about something crazy that has happened in school today, but I was already on my way upstairs. I needed to write in my diary. Right now. 

I closed my  rooms door behind me, before sitting on my bed. My room was painted a light shade of purple and some gold ornaments. I loved it to death. I grabbed my diary from behind my headboard.

Dear Diary, 

School wasn't that great today, I now have to do Mike and his stupid girlfriends homework. I don't want to do that, but I have to. He told me that if I don't he will tell everyone about my secret. That can't be happening, really. And tomorrow there is going to be a new student in our Math class. He just moved here from Ireland, and he has to sit next to me. I don't know what to do! My teacher told me to be nice, and I am nice, but I don't talk to people! Whatever, after school I went to Nandos. I met a guy there. He had the most beautiful eyes, smile and hair I've ever seen. he smiled at me and I smiled back. But then he left. I decided to call him Marcus, cause I didn't catch his name.

I closed my Diary and put it behind my headboard again. I sat on my big, silver bed for 5 more minutes before I went downstairs to see what my Mom and sister were doing. My sister was already in her room, reading some book about a teddy bear. My mom was about to set up the table. 

''Hey Grace'' she said, looking at me and smiling. 

'' Hey mom, I'm not hungry I've already had Nandos.'' 
'' Oh, it's alright, how was your day?'' 

'' It was okay. Nothing special, really.'' I answered. I usually didn't tell my mom about school or anything like that.

'' Alright, hey, don't you wanna change? you are still in your clothes from school babe!''

Without another word, I ran upstairs to change. I put on some leggings with a long sleeved Shirt, before I hopped downstairs again and sat down on our comfy big couch.

10 Minutes later, lunch was ready. 

'' Hey sister, food is ready!'' 

'' I'll be down in a bit!'' my sister screamed back. 

I sat down on the table as well, just because I wanted to be polite you know? 

My sister jumped down the stairs, and sat next to me. 
They started eating, and I watched them. My sister talked about Little Mix, like always, and I just listened. I loved listening to her. 
She is so bubbly and cute. 

Oh Darling, don't you ever grow up.


After lunch, we had to clean the dishes, while Mom was upstairs, working on her new painting. She loved to paint. She always did it. 

'' Grace, can I tell you a secret?'' my sister looked up at me. 
'' Sure! What is it?''
''Pinky Promise you won't tell anybody?''
'' Of course babe!'' We hooked our Pinkys together. 

'' I like this boy.. he is in my French class and he is already eleven!'' She said. 
'' Does he like you, too, Carol?'' I smiled. 
'' I don't know...'' she pouted, it was adorable. 

'' Well, you've got to find out then!''

''But how?''
''Smile at him, and see if he smiles back. Say Hi or ask him if he wants to have some of your food! You'll see if he does like you!'' I couldn't believe I gave my little sister relationship advice, I've never had a boyfriend. But I read a lot, so I kinda knew how to do stuff like that. 

''I will, thanks Grace!'' 
'' My pleasure!'' I said, winking at her. 

I just hoped she wouldn't turn out like me. I used to be really bubbly, too, but at one point, everything changed. 

When we were done, my sister ran upstairs, and I sat down in the garden. 
It was a big garden, with some roses and a little lake in the middle. In front of the lake, there was a little bench. I loved this garden. 

I began to read my book, and listening to the silence of my garden.

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