Secrets (A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Grace is a fifteen year old girl from London. She isn't the most outgoing person, she never really talks to anybody.
But when she gets to know that 'new Kid' in school, she finally opens up. Will he still talk to her, once he finds out about her secrets?

(One Direction are NOT famous here.)


5. Nandos.

I came out of the rest room just in time for my next period. It was PE. 

Even if I was geeky, I still was a very good PE student. I ran the gym, and started changing, once I was there. 

I listened to the other people talking, whilst putting my hair in a bun. 

''You know, I think this new guy is going to look fab!'' a girl called Sophia squealed.

''I know right! Niall, such a cute name!'' Louise added. 

''I heard he is american!''

No he wasn't. He was irish. 

''I hope he is going to sit next to me!'' Louise said. 

If you'd only knew. 

I walked through the big, old gym- door. My teacher greeted me, since I was the first girl there. 

I sat down on a bench and waited for the others to arrive. Once everyone was there, the teacher started to explain our 'plan for today'. 

'' Alright girls, we are going to play soccer today. I'll separate you into two teams now.''

Great! I played soccer like some sort of Queen or something.
We started playing and I shot goal after goal.
My team clearly won. Duh! One girl even high-fived me. Wow, what a successful day. (Can you see the sarcasm here) 

I went back to change, and headed to my last class of the day. Music. I could play the Piano pretty well to be fair.

Mr. Camps was already getting everything done when I arrived. 
He greeted us warmly and we all stood in front of the nice young man. It was a really boring lesson. We just jammed a little bit and got sent home early. Really productive day. 

I had time left before picking my little sister up, so I decided to go to Nandos.

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