Secrets (A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Grace is a fifteen year old girl from London. She isn't the most outgoing person, she never really talks to anybody.
But when she gets to know that 'new Kid' in school, she finally opens up. Will he still talk to her, once he finds out about her secrets?

(One Direction are NOT famous here.)


23. Interruptions



Niall leaned in, and I did, too. We were about to kiss, when we heard a crashing noise in the bathroom. 

We jerked our heads back just in time.

Harry came out of the bath and looked at us two sitting on the bed, looking really embarrassed. I could feel myself blushing and I knew, Niall was, too.

I kind of wished, Harry wouldn't have come bursting through the door. I had enjoyed being so close to the Irish boy.

''Did I.. interrupt something?'' Curly looked confused and rather ashamed.

''No uh.. we were just.. uh..uhm..''

''..discussing what we should uh.. do now.'' I finished off for Niall.

Harry nodded in approval and  sat down on the couch. 

I couldn't look into Niall's eyes. So I just looked at Harry and asked him what he wanted to do.

''How about we.. play a game?'' Harry smirked.

''A game?'' Niall asked, looking at Harry, kind of confused.

''Yeah, truth or dare!'' Harry sounded excited now, clapping his hands two times before jumping off the couch and sitting across from us.

''Uh okay.. sure.'' I said, as I sat down next to Harry.

Niall joined our little 'floor-sitting-club' and I grabbed the water bottle that stood behind my bed.

''Okay, so, who wants to spin first?'' Niall asked.

''Me, me me me me!'' Harry shouted. 

''Sh, my mom doesn't know I have two boys over!''

Harry apologized silently before spinning the bottle I had given to him.

It landed on Niall. 

''I'll pick.. uh.. truth.'' he said, looking at me and Harry.

Why the hell would he be looking at me? Harry was the one to ask him something for Goodness' sake. He looked super cute, his hair still a bit damp. I could finally look into his eyes again.

''So uh.. are you a virgin Niall?'' Harry winked at me. 

I was kind of curios to know.

''No, I am not.'' Niall said, looking somewhat proud or something. Guys were weird.

The game continued, normal questions, nothing major, until the bottle landed on Mr. irish once again.

''Truth or dare?'' Harry asked.

''Dare.'' Niall answered.

I saw Harry smirk and wink, before crossing his arms on his legs and staring at me and Niall for a little bit.

He laughed and chuckled to himself, looked up and said:

''I dare ya to kiss Grace right now.'' 

I jerked my head up so fast, I thought I'd get a headache

Niall's reaction was kind of similar to mine.

Haz (Yes, I called him that) rolled his eyes and looked at us annoyed.

''It is a dare guys, come on!''

Niall slowly came over to me and looked me in the eyes. 

His eyes switched to my mouth and looked at up one more time, as if to ask for approval. I nodded swiftly, letting him know it was alright.

He leaned in and..

our lips touched, finally. 

We stayed like that for four seconds, he did not pull away. 

And you know what? 

I felt it. 

All the things that were described in novels. 

I felt butterflies and sparks. Literally.

I heard Harry cat calling and Niall and I pulled apart. 

He looked at me and smiled. I did the same and blushed. 

Hazz was full on laughing now.

''What's so funny, Curls?'' I asked, still pink from blushing.

''It's that.. I just.. when I was getting ready, I heard Niall calling you beautiful through the door. Then it went silent and I just knew he was about to kiss you so I just burst though the door. You should have seen your faces, I ... I was about to wet myself.'' Harry lay down on the ground, holding his tummy, laughing hard. His face was red.

Like completely red.

Niall and I looked at him and started laughing,too. 

''So, you planned this?'' Niall asked Harry once we've all calmed down, except for Harry, he was still laughing.

''Yup.'' he popped the P. 

After a while he added: ''Niall, ask her out now!'' 

Niall looked over at me.

He blushed.

''Grace.. I really like you.. so.. would you like to get to know me better on a uh.... date?''

I was about to say something when Harry pushed himself up, looking Niall dead in the eye. 

''I have to do everything huh?'' he said, before letting out a sigh and looking at me..

''Grace, you are going to be Niall's girlfriend, he likes you. You like him. Obvious. And now kiss him, I certainly won't do THAT for you.'' he looked at me and Niall, waiting.

I really wanted to kiss Niall. 

And well, since he was my official boyfriend now, I just leaned over to kiss him. 

And he kissed back.

''I.. think I've fallen in love with you Niall.'' I said.

''Me..too, Grace.'' We stared at each other for good two minutes. 

''Well, you better have fallen in love, because you are in a relationship now!'' Harry whisper-yelled.

We smiled at him. He was a great guy, I would have never thought I could like him.

''I think I am going to go now. Was nice being here, bye!'' Harry stood up and rushed out of the door.

I looked after him confused. He wanted to stay the night, didn't he? 

But he almost gave me a heart attack when he pushed the door open one more time. 

''Forgot my things.'' he said, winking at us.

He was about to leave before turning to us once again.


''Yes?'' Niall said in a monotone voice.

''USE PROTECTION!'' he yelled, jumping out of the door.

Niall and I instantly burst out laughing. 

Best night of my Life.

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