Secrets (A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Grace is a fifteen year old girl from London. She isn't the most outgoing person, she never really talks to anybody.
But when she gets to know that 'new Kid' in school, she finally opens up. Will he still talk to her, once he finds out about her secrets?

(One Direction are NOT famous here.)


14. Dream.

I unlocked the door with my key and stepped into the Hallway. Well, nobody was home. I couldn't care less to be honest. 

I threw my backpack in one corner and walked upstairs. 

Let's just say, I spend the rest of the evening in my room, listening to music. 

That was the first night I dreamed about me and Niall Horan.  

It was a perfect dream. 


''I love you, Niall!'' 

''I love you, Graciebear.''  we both giggled. 

We were laying on a big meadow in the middle of Mullingar. 

I looked into his beautiful blue eyes. They kind of looked like the ocean. He smiled slightly and leaned in. 

We kissed. It was absolutely gorgeous.



I woke up, still remembering my Dream.

I wasn't falling in love with that gorgeous blond guy. I couldn't. He wouldn't fall in love with me. I stood up, eyeing myself in my big mirror. No, I wasn't that pretty. Not at all. 


I heard my phone going off. Wondering who would call me up now, I accepted the call. 

''Who is this?'' 

''Hi, it's Erin!'' 

''Oh hey Erin!'' I smiled slightly. I really really liked that girl. 

''Since we do not have to go to school today, I was wondering if you would want to watch a movie with me or something like that?'' 

''Oh, I would love to!'' 

''Great!'' she cheered, but added: 

''Uhm is it alright if Eleanor comes, too?'' 

''Uhm who is she?'' I asked.

''Zayn's girlfriend, no worries, she is super funny.'' 

''Well, alright, I guess I'll see you two later then?'' 

She told me where she lived and I began to dress up. That's when my phone went off again. 

I didn't bother to look who was calling, I just picked up.

I was a little bit shocked when I heard..


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