Secrets (A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Grace is a fifteen year old girl from London. She isn't the most outgoing person, she never really talks to anybody.
But when she gets to know that 'new Kid' in school, she finally opens up. Will he still talk to her, once he finds out about her secrets?

(One Direction are NOT famous here.)


1. Cold September day

It was a cold day in September. 

I woke up to my alarm going off, playing 'This song saved my Life' by Simple Plan. I slowly stood up and got my long sleeved Uniform out of my closet to put it on. I finished my morning- routine by brushing my teeth and putting on my Make-Up before heading to the dining room downstairs. 

''Good morning Gracie!'' my little sister Carol said, once I stood in front of the table. 

''Hey cutie!'' I said, ruffling her hair. She was the cutest things. I loved her so much.

'' Mom had to run to work early today! Your money is on the kitchen counter.'' 

''Thank you, Carol!'' I smiled.

She just smiled and continued eating. I never ate before school. 

''Hurry up babe, we are going to be late!'' I told Carol. 

She stood up and swung her tiny red bag over her shoulder. She was only 9, so we didn't go to the same school. But I had to walk her there, since she was scared to go alone. 

I grabbed my bag and money, and we headed out our flat, and into the cold September air. 

On our 5 minute walk through the crowded streets of London, we talked about school, homework and my sisters favorite band 'Little Mix'. 

Once we've arrived at her school, I gave her a kiss on the head, and ran to be in time for my first lesson to start. 

I enjoyed school, a lot. At least the working part. I didn't have a lot of friends, I was just too shy to really talk to anyone. People thought I was weird. I also got called 'geek' a lot. I was a Geek. But I didn't really care. I wanted to be successful in Life.  

I arrived at my school just in time, and ran to my first class. Math. It wasn't my favorite subject of all, but I was pretty good at it. I sat down in my chair, waiting for our teacher to arrive. Nobody bothered talking to me or asking me how I was. Just like every day. 

I tucked at my sleeves and played with my dark hair. I twirled it around my fingers while watching the other students rambling about their weekends. It was quite interesting. 

'' I was at this really cool posh party, it was amazing!'' Cher, a tall blonde, said.. I could not stand Cher. She was such a bitch towards me, and basically everybody else she didn't like. But she got all the guys. 

I rolled my eyes at her and her stupid barbie friends. 

Finally, our teacher came in. Everybody sat down really quick. 

''Morning everybody!'' 

''Good Morning.'' we all replied. 

''I've got an announcement to make. Tomorrow, a new pupil will join this class. He was suppose to be here today, but unfortunately he got sick, so I want you to help him find friends here.'' my teacher said. 

A new student? He wouldn't talk to me anyways, so whatever. 


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