On the Waiting List For Heaven

I'm physically and mentally abused my family hates me. I have no friends so why even live right ? I've tried killing myself but something always gets in the way i've had enough and want out but instead of something stopping me it happens to be someone ... And this is why i'm on the waiting to heaven.


5. The One

Louis' lips finally left mine it felt like out lips were pressed together forever he just started at me i ran wothout thinking i took offrunning ... It couldn't be him thats all i coukd think *Louis' P.O.V* I pressed my lips to hers she was stiff at firsy but loosened up the I seprated the kiss slowly and cooked into het eyes why can't she see how beautiful she is has to be mine oyt of no where she takes off running I had no word i was speechless " amber !! Guys I'm going after her " i saw liam nod whats going on she left " what just happen??" ' i don't know louis' * Nicholes P.o.v* I ran after amber and found her in the nayhroom the first bell rang to go to first class " amber what happened?" She was sobbing i just met her but i can tell we are going to be good friends " i ... well ... louis ..ugh" was all she got out i jusy stopped her " tell me when you're ready we can just stay her all day if you want" it took her about 15 minutes and then she cleared her throat " i'm going to telk you a wierd story buy i believe in it so yeah here I go well i had a dream that this little looking fairy thing told me that my first kiss will be taken by my future husband but thats nit all the only reason I believe is she also tokd me my brother was going to crash and go through issues in the future and now he's abusive and alcoholic " i pausef waiting for her to start speaking again . " so .. what does this man ?" " ugh nichole " she was laughing and whinning at the same time " louis was my first kiss " I coukd feek my moth wide open "we spent the whole day on th bayhrooand talked m " *ambers P.O.V* it was relaxing all day the final bell rang and we got up and left i got on the bus avpding eye contact i look up and louis was there i just sat down " i think we need to talk ambet" oh gawd ..... ihate those words ---------- i need feed back :( idk if I should continue
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