On the Waiting List For Heaven

I'm physically and mentally abused my family hates me. I have no friends so why even live right ? I've tried killing myself but something always gets in the way i've had enough and want out but instead of something stopping me it happens to be someone ... And this is why i'm on the waiting to heaven.


3. New Friend?

*Amber's P.O.V* we were starring into eachothers eyes then louis started leaning in what was he doing seemed like everything was going in slow motion is he going to tell me something "louis" a voice behind me called louis cursed under his breath ' ugh liam' ' hey lou, i like you to meet Nichole' i turned around and saw a tall girl with long curly brunett hair that made her blue eyes glow she looked pretty fit. ' hi nicholr' Louis sounded sorta annoyed ' hey nichole i'm going to talk to louis maybe you can get to know his friend erm eh' "amber" ' yeah amber' so we walked off in silence but she broke it 'was louis about to kiss you?' ' no why do you do you say that?' 'Haha well he was leaning in .. how long have you known Louis?' ' honestly I just met him this morning' she looked at me like i was crazy didn't you meet liam today ?' 'Oh no, me and liam have been talking for months i finall moved so now he wants to show me to his lads ' i just met her less than 10 mins ago but i thinkyou want to be seen with me' ' w-well i get hated on hmm you know? ' Amber I know what you're talking about why do you think i moved here ' i haven't told liam but i thinks its best ' I looked up at here and she looked sad than she pulled me into a hug I hugged her back . I heard foot steps and other voices than me and Nichole were on the ground .
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