On the Waiting List For Heaven

I'm physically and mentally abused my family hates me. I have no friends so why even live right ? I've tried killing myself but something always gets in the way i've had enough and want out but instead of something stopping me it happens to be someone ... And this is why i'm on the waiting to heaven.


4. Can I say i Enjoyed That?

*Ambers P.o.V* When i looked up there she was my # one bully the girl that is "perfect" in everyone's eye " That's why you can never get a boyfriend because you are lez" They all started laughing like robots. i helped up nichole and apologized for all thid happening she told me not to worry about it then she walked up to linda and punched her right in the face making her fall ti the ground when i looked up for her the gitls were trying to attack nichole so I jumped in punching and punching till I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist pulling me out of yhe fight I looked over liam had nichole. Louis put me down and ealked over to the group of gorls " if you ever try to pull this bull shit again I will personally make sure every dorectioner knows who ypu guys are and every last detail of you will be revealed to the world. you understand me. liam riushed over to louis pulling him away . I looked down avoiding louis eye contact but so far that always seems fail " Amber lok at me" "AMBER " He said more sternly i looked up at him he cupped his hands around my face and right before he smashed his lips to mine he whispered "I think this i s where we left of ladt time" l--------------------- dorectionees so proud we beat the recod for most view 10.9 million I believe more but i jusy love to aee the boys happy
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