Dream came true

It's about a girl who's name is Perrie Edwards. She loves to sing and dance. She lives with her brother and mother. Her moms name is Joan and her brothers name is Adam. Her best friends are Jade, Jessy, Leigh Anne and Sara.


6. Yayy!

(6 months later)

(Perrie's P.O.V)

It's been six months since Justin asked me to be his girlfriend. Everything is good now. We have our arguments sometimes, but we're good now. Tonight is the night I have my concert. I know you might think 'What about X factor?' Well Justin signed me at his label. My concert is in London. I'm super excited so is Justin. He's going to be there. Yayy!

I'm in my dressing room chilling a bit cuz it's so boring.

''Hey baby girl''

''Hey Justin''

''How are you feeling?''

''I'm so tired and I'm bored''

''I can help you with your boredom''

''Oh really?''

''Uhu, let me show you''

And with that he smashed his lips on mine. We made out for a couple of minutes until I broke the kiss for some air.

''That was hot, Perrie''

''I't was for sure'' I giggled. He pulled me close and kissed the top of my head.

''You have 2 hours baby, what do you want to do?''

''I don't know Jay'' I pouted. Justin just laughed and pecked my lips.

''Can u give me a show of your dancing babe?''

''What kind of?''

''That kind of where you move your buttt and your hips?'' He smirked. I just slapped him on the back of his head, he just pouted. He's such a cutie.


''Am not''

''Are tooooooo''

''Haha okay I am''

''Haha told u Jay''

''I love u so so so much baby girl''

''I love u.. not haha''

''You just screwed the perfect moment''

''Okay okay haha....''

After 5 minutes of silent I started saying:

''I love u Jay''

Justin looked down at me and smiled.

''I love u too baby''


What do you guys think?!

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