The Secrets Of Wych Elm Wood

Nadine and her family have moved to Wych Elm Wood, an extremely small village. However, something isn't right. A mysterious secret hangs over the village and everything in it. But Werewolves, witches and vampires are only works of fiction, aren't they?


2. Wych Elm High

“I’m Alice, by the way.” The girl smiled, her piercings glittering under the living room lights.

“I’m Nadine.” Nadine replied.

“Guess I’ll be seeing you at school then?” She asked.

“You don’t even know what school I go to yet.” Nadine huffed, annoyed by Alice’s high voice.

“Of course I do!” She laughed on her way out the door, “Your sixteen, right? Then you’ll be going to Wych Elm High. There’s only one high school. Same with middle school and lower school. We’re a small place.”

Nadine was shocked. She knew that Wych Elm Wood was a small place, but was it really that small?

“I’m sure that you and Alice will become great friends.” The girl’s mother smiled.

The door closed and the unusual group left.

Nadine went back to unpack her things. Even though everything inside the house looked pretty much the same, Wych Elm Wood would never be a place she could call home.

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