The Secrets Of Wych Elm Wood

Nadine and her family have moved to Wych Elm Wood, an extremely small village. However, something isn't right. A mysterious secret hangs over the village and everything in it. But Werewolves, witches and vampires are only works of fiction, aren't they?


5. Social Standings

When the bell rang, her hand finally stopped. She hastily got up and headed for the door before the teacher could call her back.

“Ooooh! You should not have pissed off Miss Bevil, she is evil!” Diyah appeared, her green hair in two childish bunches.

“Whatever.” Nadine sighed, messaging her aching hand from all of the writing she had just done.

“Anyways, orientation isn’t over yet!” She sang and dragged Nadine off.

Once they were out on the courtyard, Diyah began to explain the social groups of the school.

“See that group over there? They’re the jocks.” She pointed out a group of muscly boys showing off to some girls. “And with them are the stupid bitches. Over there are the people with some serious criminal records.” She pointed to a group of leather-clad figures. “Then you have the awesome people like me, and the mysterious ones.” She said the last two words pointing to a group of seemingly average people, including Alphie.

“What do you mean by mysterious?” Nadine asked.

“No one actually knows them properly. Most of them probably don’t even have any parents. Either way, you’ll never fit into that group,” She whispered, “you’re too simple. You gotta be complex.”

She looked towards Diyah’s group. It was the only group she would ever be able to fit into. Whether she liked it or not, she would have to get acquainted with them sooner or later.

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