The Secrets Of Wych Elm Wood

Nadine and her family have moved to Wych Elm Wood, an extremely small village. However, something isn't right. A mysterious secret hangs over the village and everything in it. But Werewolves, witches and vampires are only works of fiction, aren't they?


4. Alphie

Nadine was late. It was only her second day at Wych Elm High and already she was making bad impressions on all of the teachers.

All she could hear was the echoing of her shoes on the cold stone tiles. Wait; was the echoing of her sneakers getting louder? Was it just the acoustics of the hall or were the echoes out of time?

She ran round the corner only to collide with something and fall flat on her bum, books flying everywhere.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Said the boy she had run into.

“Oh no, it was my fault.” Nadine began to go red.

The boy crouched down to help her pick up her things. He was a rather tall boy of athletic build with lightly tanned skin. He had deep brown eyes, similar to that of a dog, and shaggy reddish-brown hair.

“So, you knew here?” He asked, handing her the books she had dropped.

“Yeah,” she replied, “I moved here three days ago.”

“Thought so,” he nodded, “you’re not like the other people here.”

“Not sure if that was a compliment, but thanks.” Nadine laughed.

“I’m Alphie,” He smiled, “You?”


“Cool name. So, where do you need to be? I know this place inside out.”

And with that, Alphie showed Nadine to her lesson and wandered off, as if academics were the last thing on his mind. He was weird. But who wasn’t at this school?

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