The Secrets Of Wych Elm Wood

Nadine and her family have moved to Wych Elm Wood, an extremely small village. However, something isn't right. A mysterious secret hangs over the village and everything in it. But Werewolves, witches and vampires are only works of fiction, aren't they?


1. Welcome To Elm Wood

It was a horrible storm. In all of Nadine Dearlove’s 16 years, she had never seen a storm like this. The howling wind rocked her parents’ car and rain and hail lashed against the windows while thunder roared angrily in the distance.

Her family had decided to move; all because of some girls at Nadine’s old school.

Nadine was a fairly average girl. She had black hair that just brushed her shoulder blades and deep blue eyes. She was pale and of a completely regular size and weight. She hated every last thing about herself; she wanted to be different.

Finally, they made it to their new house, a simple, two-storied affair, with a sloped roof and white walls. All of their things had already been moved inside, but all the same, it didn’t feel like home to her.

“Why don’t you go and sort out your things?” Her father suggested.

Nadine’s father was a kindly man, with black hair and brown eyes hidden behind his glasses. Her mother, too, was painstakingly normal. She had a brown bob and blue eyes.

The girl nodded and was just about to enter her new room when the doorbell rang. They had only been there for five minutes and already they had visitors.

“Hello?” His father answered, opening the door.

Outside the house was a small family. The father was a tall man, with hair of a deep, electric blue. The mother was average sized, but incredibly thin and sported the half long half shaved style in shocking pink. The daughter was of a much similar height and build to Nadine, but with turquoise, scene style hair.

“Hello,” The father said, “We live next-door and we just wanted to welcome you to Wych Elm Wood.”

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