Life As We Know It 6

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  • Published: 31 Aug 2013
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Life As We Know It 6; I know I said series 5 was the last one, but i couldn't resist not knowing what happens to Kim and Harry lol. So this sixth series is the final of the final. It's been a little over a year since Kim and Harry have been married, Kim is expecting and at the same time she got a job as a lawyer in Los Angeles. After she gives birth to her and Harry's child Lux, she leaves them in London and goes to LA to work where she meets John. With Harry and Lux going back and forth to visit Kim, they're marriage starts to fall apart because of Kim's busy schedule. BUT thanks to John for the rescue, he helps talk Kim and Harry back into their relationship involving Lux. Read on and see if Kim and Harry will divorce or will they take John's words and stay together.


4. 1.4

John: Kim, you know whatever just happened now was all an act you did right? 

Kim: *crosses her arms* Yeah. 

John: And you know that if they find out you and Scott are talking, things are gonna look bad on both you and him. 

Kim: I know, that's why I'm gonna quit John. 

John: Why would you want to do that though? 

Kim: Because I don't want any more dramas John. I'm not a child anymore. I'm a wife, I'm a mom. I need to focus on that and be more connected to my family.  

John: Yeah, what did happen when you two left? 

Kim: I don't feel that love and that connection with him anymore John. I feel like we're complete strangers to eachother and Lux... *cries* I feel like she's not even mine anymore. She cries when I hold her and when I hand her over to Harry or see Niall and Liam hold her, she's fine. I'm hurt, I'm confused, and, and I don't know what to do anymore John. 

John: *pulls and hugs kim* 

Maryse: I wonder what's going on. 

Randy: *gets up* I'll be right back. *looks at stacy* 

Stacy: Where are you going? 

Randy: I'll be back. *leaves* What's going on? 

John: Randy, go back inside. 

Randy: Kim, what's wrong? 

Kim: *stares into randys eyes* 

Harry: *stares at them from inside the restaurant window* 

Randy: Kim, you know you can talk to me. 

Stacy: *gets up* What's going on out here? 

John: Stac... You guys, this was a private conversation. 

Randy: C'mon. *grabs stacys hand and walks back in* 

Kim: *looks at randy and stacy* 

John: No need to be jealous. 

Kim: What? 

John: You have Harry, it's what you wanted right? 

Kim: John, look, maybe inviting everyone and making a schedule to reunite wasn't such a bright idea. You knew what happened last time. I would leave, but Harry's here and I don't want to make a fool out of him.  

John: I just wanted things to work out with you two. I thought you two would... I don't know, be more happy with us around. 

Kim: Well so far it isn't, and I think I should leave, can you go get Harry. 

John: You want to leave? Again. 

Kim: Yeah.  

John: Ok. *goes and gets harry* 

Kim: What the hell is going on. 

John: Harry, you guys are leaving. 

Harry: Oh, ok. Did you guys want to come too or? 

Liam: Yeah, well come. 

Harry: Hey, what's wrong? 

Kim: We need to talk, let's go to my dad's. 

Liam: Well drive back to the hotel to pick up Lux and meet you guys there. 

Harry: Ok. 

Kim: *driving* Ok, so like I want to talk to you about our marriage. 

Harry: Can we not talk until we get to your dad's because I know it's gonna go out of hand. 

Kim: You want to wait til we get there, that's fine. 

Samuel: Oh, you guys are here. You guys didn't bring my granddaughter? 

Harry: Um, Liam and Niall are picking her up. 

Samuel: Ok. 

Kim: Dad. 

Samuel: Yes? 

Kim: Lux they're gonna stay with you. Harry and I are gonna have a little privacy. 

Samuel: Oh. 

Kim: I meant talk. 

Samuel: Everything ok? 

Kim: *shakes her head softly* I think so. 

Harry: I think we're heading towards divorce dad. *looks at kim* 

Samuel: What happned? 

Kim: Well you see... 

Niall: *rings the doorbell* 

Harry: I got it. *opens the door* 

Samuel: Is that her? 

Liam: Yeah. *smiles* 

Samuel: Can I hold her please. 

Liam: Sure. 

Samuel: *holds lux* Hey princess. Welcome to grandpa Samuel's home. 

Lux: *stretches* 

Samuel: *chuckles* She has both your looks. *smiles in tears* 

Kim: Nevermind, we can talk another time. *leaves to her room* 

Harry: Excuse us for a minute. *barges into kims room* What is your problem? 

Kim: My problem? I don't have a problem Harry. 

Harry: You seem so annoyed of me lately. You don't talk to me correctly on the phone, you're always busy, and you are shutting me out Kim! Not just me, but Lux as well!  

Kim: I don't mean to Harry! You know my job is not easy! 

Harry: I know it's not, but I'm sure you can take an hour our just to make time for me or for our daughter! She cries because she needs you Kim! You been away from her for almost a month! *about to cry* It's like you abandon her with me Kim! *cries* What has she done to you, that makes you so distanced from her? She's your god damn daughter that you gave birth to!  

Kim: *sitting on the bed in silence* 

Harry: If you don't want Lux to be a part of your life then say so, so I can get full custody of her! We don't even have to be married anymore Kim! *crying* I waited most of my life for you and I even came back for you Kim. When you walked down that aisle, you were the most beautiful wife I ever laid my eyes on. I was happy with you Kim. The moment you found out you were pregnant. *pulls himself together* You changed. If you didn't want Lux, why didn't you say so? Why did you wait until she was born and then leave her. 

Kim: She's not left behind, she's with you Harry! I would never leave my daughter with anyone I don't know!  

Harry: She's with me, but have you forgotten! We're still married Kim!  

Kim: *cries silently* 

Harry: *cries/pulls himself together* If you don't want to be married anymore, I need you to say it now so I can go down to the courthouse and get full custody of Lux. 

Kim: *cries harder* 

Harry: Tell me now Kim. 

Kim: *crying* I want to be married still Harry. *crackles in tears* I love you. 

Harry: *crying* If you love me, then why don't you show it anymore?! You didn't just left me and Lux, but you completely shut us out of your life!  

Kim: I'm sorry Harry. 

Harry: *stands in silence* 

Kim: Harry. *crying* 

Harry: *takes a deep breath* I don't, I don't want to be married to you anymore Kim. 

Kim: What? 

Harry: Tomorrow morning, I'm taking Lux with me, and we're gonna go down to the courthouse and I'm gonna get custody of Lux and not just that... *cries* You're gonna come later and we're gonna file for divorce Kim. 

Kim: *crying* 

Harry: Ok. *cries more* Ok Kim. *cries harder* 

Kim: *gets up and hugs harry* Please don't leave me Harry.  

Harry: I tried to be a good person to you, but I guess I failed. You deserve someone who makes you happy and someone that will love you and accept your life decisions. 

Kim: You are perfect just the way you are Harry, please, just... don't leave me. 

Harry: *pushes kim back a bit* I'll always love you Kim. I'll always be around when you need me.  

Kim: Why are you doing this? 

Harry: You know Louis was right all along. I can do better. You're a really great person Kim, but I can do better.  

Kim: Harry, what are you talking about? 

Harry: Louis said maybe you're just using me and... *cries* maybe you really are Kim. You're probably only with me because you know you won't find another person that will love you like I do and not just that, but Mike said you're only with me because you don't like to be alone.  

Kim: Why would you listen to them? They're only jealous of us. 

Harry: No, until you can love yourself and you can love other's equally. Or maybe find who you are. Maybe we can consider getting back, but as of right now. We're done with eachother. *walks to the door and leaves the room* 

Liam: Harry? Is everything ok? 

Harry: I'm sorry, Lux and I need to leave. 

Samuel: *hands lux to harry* 

Harry: *smiles in tears at lux* Let's go back to the hotel guys. 

Kim: *crying in her room* 

Samuel: Kim? 

Kim: Go away! 

Samuel: *opens the door* 

Kim: *crying* Dad. 

Samuel: What happened? 

Kim: Harry... Harry. *cries harder* 

Samuel: *sits next to kim and comforts her* What'd he say? 

Kim: We're getting a divorce. 

Samuel: Wow, really? 

Kim: He doesn't want to be married to me anymore because he said I closed him and Lux out of my life. 

Samuel: Honey, you are a beautiful girl. Any guy would be lucky to have you. Harry loves you and you know that, but he is right. You have been shutting him and Lux out of your life.  

Kim: But dad. 

Samuel: Harry and Lux are your life now Kim. They're your family, your first priority. They are the one that will stand with you on your ground. They're the ones that's going to be there by your side when your down and needing help the most. The ones who will there when you are at rest Kim. 

Kim: *cries more* 

Samuel: They should always come first in your life, no matter what. 

Harry: *laying next to lux playing with her* Are sad that mommy and daddy are gonna get a divorce? You're probably not even gonna care or know huh. 

Niall: Are you two really? 

Harry: Yeah, I'm gonna go to the courthouse tomorrow morning. 

Liam: What happens with Lux? 

Harry: I'm taking her, like I always have. 

Lux: *fusses* 

Harry: I'm sorry, did you want mommy too? But she's not even gonna love you. 

Lux: *cries* 

Harry: I know, she hasn't matured up yet. 

Liam: I can't believe this is happening. It's all going so fast. 

Samuel: You know, you remind me so much of myself when you were little. I didn't want to be a part of your life Kim. I wanted to leave you and your mother behind, but someone or something told me that you two were gonna my future and look now. You two are the best thing that's happened to me. Your mother is special to me Kim. *tries not to cry* 

Kim: *sobbed* Do you miss her? 

Samuel: I miss her every second, every minute, every hour, every day Kim. Not a day where I don't miss and think of her. *cries* I really wish she was still here. 

Kim: *cries silently*  

Samuel: I'm sorry honey, I didn't mean to bring her up. 

Kim: *cries* I want to see mom again dad. 

Samuel: *hugs kim and kisses her forehead* Get some rest honey. You have a long day tomorrow at work. 

Kim: Ok. 

Samuel: Goodnight. 

Kim: Night. 

(The Next Day) 

John: Hey. 

Kim: Oh hey John. 

John: What's with the rush? 

Kim: Um, I have to be somewhere. 

John: You're not meeting up with our boss right? 

Kim: I really don't want to hear about him right now. 

John: Whoa, Kim, what's going on? 

Kim: I just have to be somewhere ok. 

John: Like? 

Kim: I'll explain later. *leaves* 

Judge: *talks* 

Kim: *sitting on the table next to harry* 

Harry: *explains everything* 

Kim: *agrees with harry* 

Judge: *makes the decision* 

Kim: *walks up to harry* So um, this is it huh? 

Niall: *holding lux* 

Harry: Yeah, this is it Kim. 

Kim: We're on our own now huh? *trying hard not to cry* 

Harry: Yep. We're going back home and you're staying here and doing what you really wanted, be a lawyer. I'll have someone send your stuff to you. 

Kim: You're kicking me out? 

Harry: Yeah, we're not married anymore Kim. We're divorced; I got Lux and the house. You got the cars. 

Kim: *looks at lux* Mommy loves you princess. 

Harry: Don't tell my daughter that when you don't mean it. 

Kim: She's my daughter too. 

Harry: Yeah, but I got custody. 

Kim: Take care of her. *leaves* 

Harry: *leaves with Niall and Liam* 

Maryse: So, what's with this get together in such a private place? 

Kim: Um. *smiles sad* I have something I want to tell you guys. 

Mike: And what's that. 

Kim: Congratulations everyone. *tries not to cry, but fails* Because of your guys doubting and unsupportive love, Harry and I are officially divorced now.  

John: Kim! *upset* 

Kim: *cries* It was a hard decision to make, but it was for the best right? 

Maryse: *feels bad* Kim. Mike and I were only kidding, you two really divorced? 

Kim: Yeah, mostly thanks to you two, we did. 

Mike: *feels guilty* Kim, we're really sorry. We didn't mean to do that. We didn't know you two would take it to heart and... 

Maryse: Divorce. 

Kim: Yeah, well thank you two very much. I appreciate your guys' friendship and hope for the best for you two. I no longer want to be a part of your guys' life and to say it. You guys are no longer in my life. *cries* As much as I hate to say it, that's final. And to also add on... *pulls herself together* I wish I was never a part of your life in the past. I wish I wasn't there for you when you were pregnant. I pray so hard that you and Mike suffer for the rest of your life with this bullying you two did to me. And I will never *cries more* and I mean never will think of you two again ok. *grabs her bag and leaves the table crying* 

Randy: *looks at mike and Maryse disappointed* 

Eve: You two should really be ashamed of yourselves. 

Kelly: Yeah, after all she's done for you two. You two really bullied her marriage and now that she lost the person she loves. What's gonna happen to her now. 

Eve: C'mon Kelly, let's go, we don't need people like this in our lives. 

Kelly: *leaves with eve* 

Randy: I expect more from you two. *gets up and leaves* 

John: I'm really disappointed in you two for doing that to them. You manipulated Harry, you doubt their marriage life, and you tored them apart. I am more than ashamed of you two. Never in my life would I want to hear or see that from you two again.  

Maryse: We're really sorry John; we didn't mean to do that. You guys know we like to joke around and be jerks. 

John: That was really unprofessional. I don't know about the others, but this is my saying as well. Best of luck to you two. *gets up and leaves* 

Mike: We screwed up. 

Maryse: We? Mike, you were the one being a jerk! You kept your mouth running and now look what happened to them. Look what happened to us! We lost our friends. 

Mike: Well I guess we should start apologizing then huh. 

Maryse: Let's give them some time. *grabs her bag and leaves first* 

Mike: *walks off after Maryse* 

John: Hey, do you have a minute? 

Kim: I can't, I have to get to work John. I have an appointment in ten minutes and I need to get ready for it. 

John: Alright, well just call or text me when you're done. I want to talk to you. 

Scott: Morning. 

Kim: *annoyed by scott* Yeah, I'll call you when I'm done. 

Scott: *smiles and leaves* 

John: I'll be waiting. 

Louis: No fucking way?! You two divorced?  

Harry: Yeah, we did. 

Zayn: But you two have Lux. 

Harry: I got full custody. 

Louis: Harry, you know this is a huge thing to do right? 

Harry: What you mean? 

Louis: When we go back on tour. Who's gonna watch her? 

Harry: I'm taking her with me Louis. I'm not leaving her alone here. 

Zayn: She can stay with your mom. 

Harry: I want to take her guys. She's my daughter, why can't you guys accept the fact that wherever I go, she's gonna go. She's all I have left and I will! Be here for her. 

Louis: Ok, got it Harry, don't need to get upset. 

Harry: Well you're making it sound like you don't want Lux on the road with us! What are we gonna be doing that she can't join! 

Zayn: Perform. 

Harry: *gives an irritated look to zayn* 

Zayn: What? I'm just stating the fact.  

Harry: I didn't come home to start an argument or hate with you two.  

Zayn: You knew it was gonna happen. 

Louis: Zayn's right Harry. Look, Lux can go with us on tour, but someone's gotta watch her. 

Harry: I will! I'll watch her! I don't need you or anyone to watch her for me! When we go on stage, I'll have someone to watch her! *takes lux from liam and walks out to the car* 

Kim: *calls john* 

John: Kim? 

Kim: Yeah, it's me. You wanted to talk? 

John: Yeah, are you available? 

Kim: I'm about to go on lunch break. 

John: Perfect, I'll meet you at Joe's. 

Kim: Ok. 

John: *hangs up* 

Anne: *holding lux* Well, if they really supported you and Kim or you and Lux, they wouldn't be saying those things honey. You can leave her with me. 

Harry: I want to, but I'm gonna miss her. 

Anne: That's what it's gonna have to be Harry. I had to let you go and let you live your life. So, it's time you do the same with Lux. She'll be fine with me. 

Harry: I don't want to leave her behind like her mom did. 

Anne: Honey, you're gonna have to soon. It's gonna get frustrating and it's gonna worn you out.  

Harry: *cries* I just wish Lux didn't have to live this kind of life mom. She's the most precious and beautiful thing in my life and I don't really want to leave her behind. I'm all she has left and without me near her... what if she forgets about me and doesn't remember me like she did with her mom. 

Anne: She will honey. No child forgets their own parents or forgets about them. *hugs harry* 

Harry: I know, but I'm just concerned about her. 

Anne: She'll be fine Harry. 

John: You made it. 

Kim: Yeah, I did. 

John: I wanted to talk to you about Mike and Maryse. 

Kim: Please tell me you didn't invite them. 

John: I didn't. 

Kim: Good. 

John: I know you're upset with them as much as I am. 

Kim: As much as you are? John, I am more than upset with them! I hate them so much right now, that it's not even cool anymore. I trusted them, I befriended them, and not just that, but I was there for them! And how do they repay me back? Manipulated Harry, doubt my marriage, and tore me and Harry apart. 

John: Exactly what I said to them.  

Kim: What did you really want to talk about John? I don't have all day talking about Mike and Maryse. 

John: How are you feeling? 

Kim: How do I feel John? John. I lost the person I love, the one I was supposed to share my whole life with. Not just that, but I lost custody of my daughter who means the world to me.  

John: I hate to say this, but you did act like you didn't want to be a part of her life. 

Kim: What? 

John: Yeah. 

Kim: John, I love her, just because I don't show it doesn't mean I don't love her. 

John: You don't talk about her, you don't share your information about her with us. You closed her out your life when you came here Kim. 

Kim: I had to John! Having a career changed... 

John: Nothing is more important than your husband and daughter! 

Kim: Please do not talk to me like your my counselor because you are not John! You are not! 

John: I'm sorry, I was just being a friend. 

Kim: You know, I really appreciated your help back then, but I'm a lot older now. I can defend myself, and I can hold my own ground now. I don't need you to be all up in my business anymore.  

John: So you want to get rid of me. 

Kim: Not really, but yeah. 

John: Because you know you'll never find another friend like me right. 

Kim: Look, I just need some space from you right now ok John. You know my life too well and I want you to back off a bit. 

John: Back off a bit huh. Kim, you were the one that always called me for advice, to be there for you, and to help you. 

Kim: I was young! I didn't know life that well then, but again now I do and I can stand my own ground now. 

John: Look, I'm sorry that you feel that way towards me, but if you ever need someone to talk to... I'm here. 

Kim: *cries* I just don't understand why they would brainwash Harry like that John. 

John: *gets up and sits next to kim and hugs her* 

Scott: *sees john hugging kim* 

John: I'm sorry that they did that too, but we will get back at them and they will be sorry ok. *kisses kims forehead* 

Scott: *leaves mad*

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