Life As We Know It 6

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  • Published: 31 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 31 Aug 2013
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Life As We Know It 6; I know I said series 5 was the last one, but i couldn't resist not knowing what happens to Kim and Harry lol. So this sixth series is the final of the final. It's been a little over a year since Kim and Harry have been married, Kim is expecting and at the same time she got a job as a lawyer in Los Angeles. After she gives birth to her and Harry's child Lux, she leaves them in London and goes to LA to work where she meets John. With Harry and Lux going back and forth to visit Kim, they're marriage starts to fall apart because of Kim's busy schedule. BUT thanks to John for the rescue, he helps talk Kim and Harry back into their relationship involving Lux. Read on and see if Kim and Harry will divorce or will they take John's words and stay together.


1. 1.1

Kim: *calls Eve* 

Eve: Hello? 

Kim: Hey Eve, it's been a while since we last talked, how are you? 

Eve: I, I been great Kim, how about you? 

Kim: Well I been great too. *smiles* 

Eve: Yeah? How's the married life, it's been what? 

Kim: An amazing year. 

Eve: Wow a year already? 

Kim: Yeah, I know it's crazy, but why I called you was to tell you first that... 

Eve: Wait, you're not getting divorce are you? 

Kim: *chuckles* What? No, I would never, Eve, I love Harry! *chuckles again* He's a really great guy and did I mention, a really good person in bed. 

Eve: Kim! 

Kim: *laughs* What? He is my husband. *looks over at harry* 

Harry: *on the laptop and smiles at kim* 

Eve: Ok, what did you want to tell me? 

Kim: Eve, I'm... pregnant.  

Eve: *surprise* Wow, I mean, congrats Kim.  

Kim: Thank you Eve. 

Eve: I mean it's been 5 years since you last were and... *laughs* I'm really happy for you. I wish I was there to celebrate with you, but you're so far away. 

Kim: I know, but after I give birth to my baby, I'm coming back to LA to pursue my career as a Lawyer. 

Harry: *closes the laptop* 

Eve: Well that's great too, but don't you think your baby's gonna need you? 

Kim: Yeah, but her or his father will be here. 

Eve: He does perform around the world too Kim. 

Kim: Don't worry, they have a year off. It'll be ok. 

Harry: *stands up from the bed* We need to talk. 

Kim: I'm on the phone. 

Eve: Oh was that Harry? I'll just call you sometimes ok. 

Kim: Ok, I'll talk to you later. 

Eve: Ok, bye. 

Kim: Bye. *hangs up* Why are you upset? 

Harry: You're not going to LA alone Kim. 

Kim: Why can't I? 

Harry: Kim, I'm your husband. We can all go to LA and stay there while you start your career. 

Kim: I don't want you there; I don't want my baby there either. It's too much, plus I want to spend some times with my father. 

Harry: Don't you think he'll want to see our baby? 

Kim: Well yeah, but still, no. 

Harry: You're gonna regret it. 

Kim: *gets upset* No, I'm not Harry. I been wanting this job and I'm gonna get it.  

Harry: Right, wasn't you that applied, they called you. 

Kim: Exactly. 

Harry: Well goodnight, I'm gonna go to bed. *walks back to the bed and lays down* 

Kim: *lays next to harry* I'm sorry; I didn't mean to get upset with you. It's just that this call was a once in a life time free opportunity. 

Harry: Yeah, I understand. Just go then, if you really want to go then go. I'm not stopping you, I don't want to anymore ok. I can stay here and watch our kid while you go and life your dream. I'm fine with it Kim, I really am.  

Kim: Really? You're not gonna be upset if I go? 

Harry: No, I'm not. I'll support you and when you have a day off or whatever, baby and I can fly to LA and see you. Simple as that, we don't even have to stay long there with you if you don't want us to. 

Kim: You're really positive with me going? 

Harry: I already achieved my dreams, now you go catch yours. 

Kim: Ok. *smiles* 

Harry: Goodnight. *turns around and closes his eyes* 

Kim: *turns off the light and goes to sleep* 

Maryse: I mean I don't understand why she wouldn't tell me. I always been there for her haven't I? 

Eve: Yeah you have, but I hate to say this, but you two didn't really get along until after Miracle happened. I been there for her since she found out she was pregnant. 

Maryse: Yeah that's true, but still. 

Eve: Maryse, I don't know ok. Don't be upset with me. 

Maryse: Ok, so she tells you she was pregnant with John's baby and you tell Michelle and Layla. Then she tells you five years later that she's pregnant again with Harry's baby and again you tell me. Let her do the work Eve!  

Eve: *gets upset* I am only being a friend here! 

Maryse: Maybe she doesn't want me or anyone else to know! 

Eve: Why are you upset with me! I'm not the one that's pregnant here! 

Maryse: I have to go! Roseanne is crying! *hangs up* 

Eve: Ugh! 

Stacy: *laying in bed with randy* Do you think it's time we have another baby, I mean Keith is four now. 

Randy: I don't know Stacy; I mean another one would be great, but... 

Stacy: But what? 

Randy: I don't know, maybe another year or so? 

Stacy: *kisses randy* Why can't we have one this year. 

Randy: You really want another one? 

Stacy: *smiles* Yeah. 

Randy: I'm gonna be busy, I won't be having time to watch this one with you. And with Keith as a troublemaker, I don't know how you're gonna do it. 

Stacy: It'll be fine, trust me. *smiles* 

Randy: *sighs* No, not now Stacy. I love you, but I can't do this to you.  

Stacy: What do you mean? 

Randy: I can't let you be pregnant and alone with Keith in the house while I'm away at work. 

Stacy: It's ok, we're a family, and Keith needs a little brother or sister. 

Randy: True, but one is fine for now. 

Stacy: Randy. *smiles* 

Randy: You almost didn't even want to have Keith anymore when he was seven months. You were "exhausted" or should I say "miserable." 

Stacy: *sighs* Fine. 

Randy: I'm sorry babe. 

Stacy: No, I totally understand. *gets out of bed* 

Randy: Where are you going? 

Stacy: I'm gonna cook us some breakfast and check on Keith. *leaves* 

Kim: *picks up her phone* Hello? 

Scott: Hi, this is Scott calling for Kim, is she available? 

Kim: Yes, this is her. 

Scott: Hi Kim, I was calling to tell you that orientation is this Friday and wanted to know if you can make it. 

Kim: This Friday? Yeah, I can, I'll come. 

Scott: Ok, that's all I wanted to know. Thank you for your time. 

Kim: No problem. 

Harry: *wakes up* Who was that? 

Kim: Scott. 

Harry: What'd he say? 

Kim: He wanted to know if I'll make it to orientation on Friday. 

Harry: This! 

Kim: Yeah. 

Harry: That's in two days. 

Kim: Yeah, so are you gonna go with me? 

Harry: I don't know, do you want me to go with you? 

Kim: I don't care, if you want to, I'm not stopping you. 

Harry: *pulls the cover over him* 

Kim: I guess that's a no then. 

Harry: *moves the covers* I don't know, do you want me to go? What if I get in your way? 

Kim: Well you can hang out with my dad. 

Harry: Yeah, that's fine too. 

Kim: Ok, well pack your stuff and let's go. 

Harry: We're going tonight? 

Kim: Yeah, I have to be there Friday! 

Harry: It's only Wednesday. 

Kim: I want to visit some people. 

Harry: *sighs and gets out of bed* 

Mike: Babe, why are you so upset? 

Maryse: Did you know that Kim is pregnant. 

Mike: That's good, but why are you upset? 

Maryse: She rather calls Eve then tells me. I mean, she was the first one I told! 

Mike: Well maybe because she knows Eve more? 

Maryse: Yeah, but she hasn't even been talking to Eve. 

Mike: Babe, it's ok. 

Maryse: Whatever.  

Kim: Well were here in LA. *smiles* 

Harry: *smiles* Yeah we are. 

Kim: What's wrong? 

Harry: Nothing babe. *smiles* 

Kim: Let's go visit Mike and Maryse, I want to surprise them.  

Harry: Whatever you want to do. 

Mike: *opens the door* Kim? 

Kim: *smiles* Hi Mike! *hugs mike* 

Mike: *chuckles* I wasn't expecting to you guys to be here. 

Maryse: *walks to the door* 

Kim: Maryse! *smiles big* 

Maryse: *upset* 

Kim: What's wrong? 

Mike: She's upset because you didn't tell her you were expecting. 

Kim: I was, I was gonna surprise you. Who told you? 

Mike: Eve. 

Kim: Again? Why does she keep blabbering it first! 

Mike: I thought you would have learned by now. 

Kim: Well, I'm pregnant Maryse. *fakes a smile* 

Maryse: *fakes a smile* I'm happy for you Kim. 

Kim: Aw, thank you. *hugs Maryse* 

Maryse: So, I heard you got a job here. 

Kim: Yeah, I did! I'm gonna be a lawyer, so if you need one. You can hit me up. *smiles* 

Maryse: *smiles* I will. 

Mike: What's wrong? 

Harry: Huh? Oh nothing. 

Kim: Babe, why are you so upset? 

Harry: I'm just tired babe. *smiles* I'm fine. 

Mike: Did you want to rest? We have an extra room. 

Harry: No it's ok, I'm fine. 

Mike: You sure? 

Harry: *chuckles* Yeah. 

Samuel: *calls kim* 

Kim: Hello? 

Samuel: I heard you're in town. 

Kim: Yeah, I am dad. *smiles and looks at everyone* 

Samuel: Well you're old man is lonely, when you get the chance, come see him ok. 

Kim: Dad, I'll be there real soon.  

Samuel: Ok, I'll be home sweetheart. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok, bye. 

Samuel: Bye. *smiles and hangs up* 

Mike: Dad? 

Kim: *smiling* Yep. 

Mike: You and Harry should go see him, it's been a long time too, so... 

Kim: Yeah, so um, let's go babe. 

Mike: *gives kim a don't cut me off look* 

Harry: Oh? Ok, we're gonna go, we'll come back another time. 

Mike: Ok, we'll... 

Kim: Yeah, we'll come back later and maybe catch up more. 

Mike: *gives kim another don't cut me off look again* 

Maryse: Yeah we'll be home. 

Mike: If not then just... 

Kim: Well call us and we'll tell you guys if we're doing anything or not. 

Mike: *gets mad* Can I finish talking! Stop cutting me off Kim! *gives kim an angry look* 

Kim: I'm sorry, what were you gonna say? 

Mike: Nothing! Just go already! I have nothing to say! 

Maryse: Babe. 

Mike: *calms down* Go. 

Kim: Ok, we'll come back if we're not doing anything. 

Maryse: *smiles* Ok. 

Kim: *leaves with harry* 

Samuel: So what have you two been up to lately? 

Kim: Well. *sits silently* 

Samuel: *chuckles* What? 

Harry: Kim got offered a free job career as a lawyer here. 

Samuel: Really? Congrats honey, I'm proud of you. 

Kim: *smiles sad* Thanks dad.  

Samuel: So when do you start? 

Kim: *smiles big* 

Samuel: Tell me. *laughs* 

Kim: Dad, I'm pregnant. 

Samuel: Really? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Samuel: But I thought... 

Kim: Yeah after I have my baby I will start. 

Samuel: You're gonna leave your husband and child behind?! 

Kim: I have to dad. 

Harry: I told Kim that when she's off work, me and baby can go and see her.  

Samuel: That's gonna be a lot of flying and for the baby. 

Harry: Yeah, I know, but... it's the best result we both came up with. 

Samuel: Why don't you try to find a job there. 

Kim: No! Dad. *chuckles* This was offered for free! Free! 

Samuel: Then why don't you guys move back here. That way Harry and your baby won't have to go through all those flights back and forth. 

Kim: But if Harry moves here, what about the band!? 

Samuel: Harry aren't you guys getting a year off? 

Harry: Yeah we are actually. *looks at kim* 

Samuel: Problem solved. 

Kim: Dad! No! Harry you can't move here and stay here. What if the others needs you and you can't be there. 

Harry: I don't have to move there if you don't want me too. 

Kim: No I don't Harry. I don't want you living here watching after me like I'm a child! 

Samuel: Honey, honey, calm down. 

Kim: Dad! I don't need to be watched after. *sigh* I'm a grown women now. 

Samuel: Harry is your husband and your baby's gonna need you more than you think. Why not take another year off or find a new job. 

Kim: It's a career dad! It's a free opened chance for me! 

Harry: Ok then we can just stick to our original plan! I don't want to move here anyways! I rather be at home in London then here in LA without you! 

Kim: *gets a little hurt* 

Samuel: Harry. 

Harry: I'm sorry, but it sounds like that's what she wanted to hear. 

Kim: I'm sorry Harry, it's just that if you move here it's gonna be the same thing. I'll hardly be home for you and our baby. 

Harry: Yeah I understand, it's ok, we'll stick with our plan. 

Kim: *hugs harry* I'm sorry for stressing you out. 

Harry: It's ok. *hugs kim* 

Samuel: So, let's go out and eat should we? 

Kim: Dad. *chuckles* You didn't have to. 

Samuel: Eh, I'm off work tonight, why not take you two out. *smiles* 

Kim: *hugs Samuel* Thank you dad.

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