Girl's who like carrots *A Louis Tomlinson love story*

What happens when two crazy directioners sneak onto the 1D tour bus? Will the boys let them stay or make them leave? read to find out more


3. the plan

*Zoey's POV*

Today was the day Mia and I were going to do the most craziest thing EVER (no we are not going to kill someone so you can stop thinkig that) We aare going to go to a 1D concert then we are going to meetthe boys because we have VIP passes (VIP passes let you be the only one with the boys after everyone with backstage passes leave you also get frount row seats) then we are going to "leave" but really we are going to sneak on their tour bus. What about cloths you ask? Well before the concert we are going to go ontheir bus and put or suit cases somewhere. Then we are going to hide in the closet. When we leavev the state we are going to come out. Once we leave california they are stuck with us.

"Zoey" Mia says "ya" "what is they throw us out" "then we follow them"

*at the concert*

We are finally here. Theboys are getting ready and the body gaurds are somewhere else. Wegot on the bus and put our stuff under the bed. All of a sudden we hear voices. Its Harry and Louis.

H: "Maybe we will find the right girls tonight"

L: "Ya. I heard two girls bought VIP passes"

H: "they are probably some snotty rich girls"

L: "Let me grab my phone out of the room and then we can go"

Mia and I looked at each other then hid in the closet. Soon they left and we went to the concert.the concrt ended at 7:30 and we were backstage until 8:30. the boys said bye and we quickly snuck onto the bus. we hid in the closet whenwe heard them coming. The bus started moving and we heard the boys laughing and then Niall said "lads we are offically in Arizona" Mia and I lookd at eachother and walked out.....

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