Girl's who like carrots *A Louis Tomlinson love story*

What happens when two crazy directioners sneak onto the 1D tour bus? Will the boys let them stay or make them leave? read to find out more


4. room arrangements

*Louis POV*

Two girls walked out. "Hi I'm Zoey and this is Mia, we will be with you the rest of your tour" the girl with curly hair said. She was beautiful and Harry would not stop talking about her friend after the meet and greet. "Well I don't have a problem with that" Liam says "yay!" the girls yell. "So what hotel at?" "I love you Mia" Harry said. We all started laughing and they both started blushing. 'We are staying at the Hilton" Niall said.

*Mia's POV*

I cant belive they are letting us stay. and that harry said that he loved he! Liam is explaining rooms right now. its me and harry zoey and niall Louis and zayn and liam and paul. "can I room with Zoey, Zayn talks in his sleep?" Louis asked. He looked at niall "suuuure that's why you wanna room with her" niall  said. "it is" Louis said "fine" Niall said. "YAY!" Louis. Zoey was oblivious to it all. "so who am I rooming with?" she asked "LOUIS" we all say. "YAY!" she says. "O it looks like we have a Louis fan" Harry says. Zoey blushes. "Well we have a big day tomorrow we have to get to sleep" Zayn says we all head off to our rooms.

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