Girl's who like carrots *A Louis Tomlinson love story*

What happens when two crazy directioners sneak onto the 1D tour bus? Will the boys let them stay or make them leave? read to find out more


8. Chapter 4

*Zoey's POV*

Louis and I were walking around when a couple of fans walked up to us. "Hi Louis" one of them said trying not to fangirl. "Hi" he said "and who is that ugly girl?" the other one said. I looked down and started to walk away. I hear Louis say "She isn't ugly she is beautiful and that is Zoey my friend and you guys aren't true fans!" I looked at him and walked back over there "No Louis they are right I am ugly! No need to stick up for me" "No Zoey you are beautiful! You are funny, talented, immtrue, and I love you be my girlfriend?" I look up "Really?" "Yes really" "then yes" I said. "NO! HE IS MINE!" one of the "fans" says the next thing I know im on the ground trying to get her off of me and Louis is helping me. She grabs my hair and slams my hair to the ground and I blackout.

*Louis's POV*

That stupid bitch! Zoey is laying on the ground uncounchios bleeding out of her head. the ambulance is on its way. I take out my phone and take a picture and tweet "What a "fan" did to my beautiful girlfriend Zoey. Please pray for her" 2 seconds later I get tweets praying for her, saying how happy they are that I finally found someone, and some hating on her. Finally the ambulance gets here and takes her in the car. im with her. "How is she?" "Well we wont know until we get to the hospital but she might be in a coma." one of the parametics say. I break down crying. Igrab my phone and call Liam. L= liam M=me

L: hey Louis

M: *Crying* Liam, Zoey is in the hospital

L: what? What happened?

M: well we were walking when some fans saw us they came up to us and started hating on Zoey. I stuck up forher the asked her to me my girlfriend. One of the fans got mad and tackled her and slammed her head into the ground. now the parametics think she might be in a coma.

L: we are on or way

*****HANGS UP*****

we finally get to the hospital and the doctor tells us she is in a coma. Mia and I hug each other and start crying. The rest of the boys shed a couple tears but nothing like mia and I. I get out my phone. and tweet "Zoey is in a coma and they don't no for how long the tour will still be on tho. please pray for her." I turn off my phone and sit in a chair. I fall asleep dreaming about Zoey.

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