Girl's who like carrots *A Louis Tomlinson love story*

What happens when two crazy directioners sneak onto the 1D tour bus? Will the boys let them stay or make them leave? read to find out more


6. Chapter 3

*Louis POV*

Tonight we have a concert so I decided to make breakfast. First I woke up Zoey. "Zoey!" "What?" she asked as she threw a pillow at me "Fine I guess yoyu don't want to make pancakes with LOUIS TOMLINSON!" She sat up and fell off the couch. She was wearing a big Louis shirt and no pants. "Um Zoey?" *yawn* "what" "where are your pants?" She looked down and blushed "hold on" 2 minutes later she came out in a pair of 1D pj bottoms "you really love us huh?" I say "you guys are my life. when I was 15 I was being Bullied really bad people would tell me to kill my self, they called me names they pushed me, the football team hit me." she started getting teary eyed "zoey you don't have to tell me" "I want to" "one day it was to much I had planned on going home and killing myself. I was going to overdose. But that day when I got home the Xfactor was on and you guys were preforming and I fell in love with you guys. I was determained to meet you guys. Because of you guys I didn't kill myself. Yes the bullying still happened and yes it still hurt but I remembered you guys most importantly liams story and I knew that everything would be ok so yes I love you guys" she said wiping her tears "Wow" I said as I hugged her. "I'm so sorry" she just nodded. "Wanna go look around?" I asked "sure she said *After they walked around* Wow zoey is amazing! she is so funny nice and beautiful. I think I might be falling for her

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