The world took him. It warped him. It changed him. It made him what he was. And then it threw him away. This is the story of a boy who lived, of a boy who killed, of a boy who died. This is the story of a ghost without a past, a string of the memories of a life once lived, now long forgotten. A glimpse of what might have been, had things been different, had the world been kinder. (This is my idea for the corporation story contest. I plan for it to become a full length novel, hopefully in time for the contest! Please support the cause and comment/like, because otherwise I really have motivation issues and will probably forget and work on another story instead).


5. Chapter 4.

            Kain and Phantom followed a cop down to the morgue, another two trailing behind them. Understandably, no one had been happy at the request, let alone his decision to grant it, but surprisingly they had accepted it without argument. Kain was unsure whether it was fear of him or sympathy for the girl, but either way it was useful.

            The morgue was, perhaps, Kain’s favorite room in this entire station, he decided when, upon entry, he discovered the pristine white cleanliness within. True, it smelled like death and metal, but there was something to be said for extensively disinfected surroundings.

            He expected Phantom to race through the doors, to rush to the single exposed body resting on a metal autopsy table, awaiting dissection. She, however, seemed almost afraid of it, hanging back, her feet dragging as she passed through the doorway. Kain bent and unlocked her handcuffs, then stepped back to watch as she turned away and started slowly toward the body of her friend.

            Finally, when she was only a few feet away, Phantom stopped altogether and, with a moan, fell to her knees, her face buried in her hands. “It’s my fault, you know,” the whisper echoed in the room and, although he knew it wasn’t meant for his ears, Kain listened intently. “You shouldn’t have listened to me, we shouldn’t have done it. This is all my fault.” Phantom’s shoulders shook silently for a moment as she cried and Kain, overcome with both pity and a burning curiosity, strode quickly to her side.

            “No, it isn’t. How could it be your fault? Did you kill him?”

            Phantom raised her head, but it was to look at the body, not at Kain. “No, I didn’t kill him. But I was the one who told him to look for his past, I’m the one who got him killed!” She pushed Kain away and stood, stumbling to the table and pressing her forehead against Ghost’s. “He told me, once, that in this world where we were all only pawns, I was his queen.” Phantom laughed a little, her tears coming faster, splashing onto the boy’s face. “I told him he was an idiot amnesiac, that he could say that when he remembered his past…”

            She slid down to the ground, her back to the metal and her arm reaching up to entwine their fingers. Phantom still cried, but it was broken now, her breath coming in shallow gasps. “You asked about the bracelets… He gave it to me… to bind us together… no matter… what…”

            Trailing off, Phantom’s head fell and her body relaxed completely, exhaling one final time, and then Kain knew it was over.

            “And so ends the illusion,” he mumbled as, like a spell breaking, his fascination with the girl vanished. Without her spirit, her darkness, it was just the body of another girl who died too young.

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