Live. Laugh. Louis

Meagan Grey moves to London England from Quebec.
She begins her first day at 'Benjamin High' Meets 2 special boys named Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles and it changes her life forever.

Maybe other people will join in on the fun.... ;)


2. First Day Part 2

-Meagan's POV- 

I finally found the Art room, I looked around when someone bumped into me from behind I turned just as Harry was 
"Oh hey Louis told me you have this class with me." He said I nodded he grabbed my shoulders from behind and pushed me along leading me he stopped me at a two-seater desk with two stools. We put our bags on the floor 
"Harry." He said offering me his hand I took it 
"Meagan." I said I actually liked this guy... Kind of I mean he did check me out only after seconds of setting eyes on me. 
"You can let go of my hand now" he said I didn't even realize I apologized 
"Shit happens." He said 
"So what are we doing?" I asked 
"Read the board." He said starting to draw. 
I looked at the board we were at the back corner. 
"Draw your life?" I asked 
"Yep." He said I shook my head what knowledge was I gaining from this?
"Why are you shaking your head? This is fun" he said 
"But were not gaining any thing from this.." I said 
"Were gaining one thing..." He said 
"And what is that?" I asked 
"One sick ass drawing." He said gesturing to his drawing 
"All you've drawn is a stick person and music notes." I said 
"Its still sick." He said I once again found myself smiling. 
"I hate to break it to you Harry but its not that sick." I said 
"Your just jealous." He said 
"Oh I am very jealous.. I'm sure Pablo Picasso would be to." I said he looked at me funny 
"Pablo Picasso?" He asks I just stared at him not believing the fact he didn't know who Pablo Picasso was. 
"Is there a penis on my forehead or something?" He asked 
"You mean to tell me you honestly don't know who Pablo Picasso is?" I asked 
"That's what I'm telling you." He said 
"How have you been passing all these years?" I asked 
"I'm secretly fucking the teacher." He whispered 
I looked at him as my mouth dropped open in a perfect O. 
"I'm joking! That's gross. This isn't really a test answer the question know who and what that is type class, that's why I'm in it." He said I shook my head slightly smiling 
"Is that a smile I see?" He asked poking at my dimple
"No" I said turning my head the other direction 
"I can make anyone smile. Even a girl that hates me.High five!" He said sticking up his hand 
"I don't hate you." I said 
He kept his hand up I high fived him 

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