One direction vampires

~~~~~~~~ Trailer. ~~~~~~~~~
In running i just found out that my favorite band are vampires I'm just scared i can't run forever their faster OUCH!!! I tripped on a stick i got scratch in my leg (wrong day to wear shorts)

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1. One Direction concert

         Megan's P.O.V.

I finally got one direction tickets and backstage passes I'm on my way there right now.

Finally I'm here good thing i got front seats.I finally got to my seat i swear I saw harry wink at me. The concert was over i got to the back stage I went to Louise first (Megan)"Hi Louise nice to meet you my name is Megan winters" (Louise) "hello Megan nice to meet you too can I get a hug" "sure" when we hugged it almost felt like he was smelling my neck i gave Louise some carrots and he said "thanks i was getting hungry" I went in to zayn and said "Vas Happenin" "Hi" "Hi I'm Megan winters" "can I have a hug?" "Sure" he smelled my neck like Louise did but it felt weird i went to Liam I said " hi I'm Megan winters can i have a hug?" "Sure" he didn't smell my neck that's good and weird i bumped into niall "sorry" "it's okay I'm Megan winters by the way and can I have a hug?" "Sure" he didn't sme my neck either good i finally met harry I said "hi I'm Megan winters can i have a hug" "umm sure" he didn't smell my neck either i needed to go bathroom so i finally found the bathroom and then I entered it then all of a sudden i hear screaming.

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