One direction vampires

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In running i just found out that my favorite band are vampires I'm just scared i can't run forever their faster OUCH!!! I tripped on a stick i got scratch in my leg (wrong day to wear shorts)

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24. Louis not in vampire mode anymore

Zayns pov

We finished laughing i got up and came up to the room louis was in i unlocked all the locks and opened the door i was so happy Louis doesn't have his inner vampire anymore he didnt have red eyes or fangs i came over to him and hugged him we walked to the living room Megan said ahhhh stay away from me.i said its ok he's not gonna suck your blood see his eyes aren't red anymore Megan came up to Louis and gave him a hug Tatyana got a blood bag and gave it to Louis Lexi came in and said i heard Louis doesn't have his inner vampire i was listening to you guys.she gave Louis a hug and then harry came out of nowhere and gave Louis a hug and then Liam and his girlfriend silly came in and gave Louis a hug too melody and niall came in to and hugged Louis group hug i said we all hugged him and then we let go Louis said hey Lexi lets go train you to go eat animal blood race you to the woods

Louise's pov

Lexi was eating a deer then a tiger wow i never ate a tiger just deers until i started eating people we were finished with training she also ate a bunny but didnt drain it she let it go well i guess shes only gonna eat deers and tigers until their extinct or she dies when we came home Megan told me she was pregnant i was like WATTT!!!!

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