One direction vampires

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In running i just found out that my favorite band are vampires I'm just scared i can't run forever their faster OUCH!!! I tripped on a stick i got scratch in my leg (wrong day to wear shorts)

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14. Lexi

Lexi pov

i was hungry so i went to the fridge to get blood bags i drank a sip of a blood bag ewww I tastes  gross i hate blood in a bag i can't go hunt i have to take care of the girl besides louis is locked up wait i didn't lock Louis I ran to the living room and saw Louis grabbing the girl by the neck on the wall he said you want her delicious blood? Lexi-no i can't I'm babysitting hher louise compaled her to stay he came up to me and looked into my eyes and said drink from her but don't drain her dang it louis he always did this to me i came up to the inisant girl smelled her blood and quickly drank her blood she screamed to the top of her lungs i cover her mouth and kept drinking louis pulled me away i had her blood all around my face and her neck she fainted and fell to the ground i can't believe I'm saying this but I want to drain her blood every last drop of it zayn harry Liam opened the door and zayn said Vas happ-What the hell happened to her zayn looked at Louise and then me you both drank from her zayn said I said he compelled me to

zayn said No he can't you have your ring that lets people not compel you

i can't believe it i drank from her and Louis knew

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