One direction vampires

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In running i just found out that my favorite band are vampires I'm just scared i can't run forever their faster OUCH!!! I tripped on a stick i got scratch in my leg (wrong day to wear shorts)

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7. And I'm saved

Megan P.O.V

megan-wat!!! I can't go home 

i started crying i have scratches on my legs arms face and I can't go home my parents brother grandma grandpa aunt and my dog and puppy

tatyana-I'm sorry but you know too much 

tatyanas eyes turn red i got scared her eyes turn back to brown 

tatyana-sorry I'm just hungry I'm gonna get out.

zayn ran to me and bit his arm

 zayn-drink it

i don't know why but he wants me to drink his blood 


zayn-just drink it!


i drank it man his blood tasted weird i let go i started healing zayn helped me up and went down stairs he put me on the couch 

everyone-we are gonna show you our powers

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