The Eyes of a Fighter

I catch my breath as I take in the arena. Thousands of people, in the stands, waiting for a battle. On a table in front of the stands, I see a giant trophy with a person doing a high-kick, with his fists to his side. In five minutes, I'll be on the stage fighting for a title. In five minutes, I'll be fighting for a reputation. In five minutes, I'll be fighting for who I am. I take a step forward and I remember to breathe.

Cover made by: Broken Inside and meg1


5. Chapter 5

Before I even had time to change into my Dobok, Grandmaster ushered me, and Wendell into his office in the back.

"Everyone is here now?" He asks to no one in particular.

Stephen and Kayden both nod.

"Good, good. Our tournament is in just a few short weeks, so I am going to start preparing all of you." Grandmaster says.

"Preparing us how?" Avery pipes up.

"There will not be regular groups for sparring from now on, students who are not competing in the tournament will be sparring the way they normally do. You guys will be sparring in new groups, within the eight people competing." He explains. "Calum will be with Avery. Kayden with Carlee, Stephen with Joshua, and Wendell with Aubin."

I scowl at my Grandmaster, he did that on purpose. I don't know if us being his 'star pupils' had anything to do with it, but Grandmaster knows me better than anyone. Him knowing me so well put me in a group with Wendell.

"That is all, we will begin with the new set up, once everyone is ready to begin today's class." He dismisses us.

We all file out, I go into the changing room, change into my Dobok, and pull my hair into a ponytail.

I go to my new spot on the mats next to Wendell and sit cross-legged next to him, waiting for instructions from Grandmaster.

Grandmaster then greets the class, explains what is going to happen for the next few weeks, then directs us to begin sparring.

Wendell and I stand up and get into stance. I put my mouth guard in, and he follows in suit.

I was still fuming over Grandmaster's choice of partners, to where I didn't even hear him say 'Begin!' to everyone.

Wendell came at me with a spinning back kick, and kicked me in the chin, sending me backwards.

Okay, okay, I needed that to snap me out of my head. I adjust my mouth guard back in it's place, and get back up again.

I pull my fists in close and when he lunges I back up two steps and duck, missing his punch.

He whirls around and I high-kick, taking him off his guard. I go in for a hook kick and he takes advantage of a free second and sweeps my leg out from underneath me.

"Ugh!" I groan and roll over and stand up again.

"Loosen up, Aubbie!" Wendell uses my old nickname, and it makes me scowl.

"Sure thing, Wendy!" I take a deep breath, and get into stance again.

He scowls back at me. "Ready?"

I shrug, then nod.

He nods back, and circles me. Like a panther waiting to pounce. He steps in and right hooks me in the jaw. I straighten my mouth guard, and dodge his next blow. I spin around and roundhouse kick him, my foot hitting his ear.

He flew back and landed on the mats.

"Time, everybody!" Grandmaster's words ring through the studio.

I take my mouth guard out and walk over to Wendell and offer a hand.

"Thanks," He says after I help him up.

I nod and go in to the girls' changing room and change back into my white jeans and purple hoodie.

I check my phone and see a text from my mom.

"Waiting in the front, you have a session today."

I groan out loud, sling my backpack over my shoulders, and sling my taekwondo bag over my shoulder as well and walk outside and hop in the front seat of my mom's silver-blue Navigator.


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