The Eyes of a Fighter

I catch my breath as I take in the arena. Thousands of people, in the stands, waiting for a battle. On a table in front of the stands, I see a giant trophy with a person doing a high-kick, with his fists to his side. In five minutes, I'll be on the stage fighting for a title. In five minutes, I'll be fighting for a reputation. In five minutes, I'll be fighting for who I am. I take a step forward and I remember to breathe.

Cover made by: Broken Inside and meg1


4. Chapter 4

"Here," I said to Mason. "Let me see your schedule real quick."

He handed it to me and I skimmed it over.

"I have 2nd period social studies and 4th period Algebra with you," I said handing it back to him. "But I can still show you where the rest of your classes are."

"Okay," He said, stuffing his class schedule back in his pocket.

He followed me to his 1st period, then his 2nd, then his 3rd, and so on, with me explaining simple routes to get to each class. The worst, and rudest teachers. The best teachers he will ever have in his life. Plus, some kids that he should stay away from, and some kids that he should try and make friends with.

"So," He said, examining his schedule again. "Mrs. Darl, Mrs. Santos, and Mr. Bruner?"

"Yeah, they're the best," I said grabbing one of my rubber bands off of my wrist and starting to play a miniature version of Cat's Cradle. "Just don't get on Mr. Bruner's bad side. He's a nice guy, unless you like, talk a lot, or have an attitude or something."

I knew from experience. Having an attitude: Bad. Being respectful: Good.

The bell for 1st period sounded out through the hallways and I shouldered my bag and put the rubber bands back on my wrist.

"So, I guess I'll see you in 2nd period?" He asked.

"I guess so," I said and headed off in the direction toward my English class.



Pop Quiz. I hate them. I hate the English class that I'm in also.

I walk into my social studies class and sit in my seat, the third from the back in the middle row.

Two and a half weeks from now, if we leave at 4:00 after school, then we would get to the tournament at 5:30 and we would have half an hour to practice, then the actual tournament will start at 6:00.

"Hey, Aubin?"

I whipped around and saw Mason standing in the doorway, looking lost.

"Yeah?" I asked. "Do you need help with something?"

"Uh, yeah, do you know where Mrs. Darl is?" He asked.

"Right behind you, young man," She says passing him on the way in the room.

"Oh, hi, I'm Mason." He says walking over to his desk.

"Hi Mason, nice to meet you, welcome to Waynesville." She says.

"Thank you," He says.

"You're very welcome. You can sit right over there, right next to the window." She says.

After handing him a textbook, the one minute bell rings and kids start to flood into the classroom.

After the tardy bell rings, Mrs. Darl begins 'teaching', or as normal people call it, 'boring students to death'.

"Okay guys, open your books to section 3..."



"So how long have you been in taekwondo?" Mason asks me on the way to the studio.

"Three years," I say. "How long have you been in taekwondo?"

"About seven months, I think." He said.

"Cool," I say as we walk up the steps to the studio.

He opens the door for me, and we walk inside.

"Good. Everyone is here!" Grandmaster exclaims. "I need to see Wendell, Aubin, Kayden, Joshua, Stephen, Carlee, Calum, and Avery. We have to discuss the upcoming tournament,"

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