Two Stars

Kris Monroe and Niall Horan are both popstars they're also major fans of each other?


1. ~Koran Nonroe~

Koran Nonroe


Kris's P.O.V.

"I LOVE YOU NEW YORK CITY" I shouted into the microphone. I waved to the crowd and blew them a couple kisses then walked off the stage. I was greeted and patted on the bag by Team Kris! Everyone told me what a great job I did and I just thanked them.

I plopped down onto the couch set up backstage. I was really tired after day. My manager a.k.a. best friend Shadia sat down next to me.

"Are you tired?"Shadia questioned me. I nodded my head and layed down resting my feet on her. All I wanted was some shut eye. "Do you want me to cancel the backstage thing".

I may be tired but my fans come first I wouldn't be here without them.

"Nope let's go meet us some Krisinators (a/n the best thing I could come up with) " I replied shaking my head a no and getting up. I stretched my arms and yawned then walked over to the room where all my fans were waiting.

"HEY GUYS!!!" I greeted all my fans. I walked around giving them all hugs then started socializing with them.

"You know who you would look cute with?" A little girl asked me.

"No but I would love to know" I replied bending down to her height.

"Niall Horan" She simply stated smiling widely. I laughed a little then smiled back.

"Oh that guy from One Direction doesn't he have a girlfriend" I asked her. I'm actually a really big fan of One Direction, it's kinda weird since I'm also a celebrity. But I guess it's one thing (you've got that one thing) that makes me like every other teenage girl.

"Actually he's single and ready to mingle!" The little girl cheered.She sounded like my best friend Shadia. I already know that Niall's single but I didn't want to seem like I like like him, when I really do. We've never really met since we're both on tours. We're always halfway across the world from each other. But the mtv music awards are coming up and we're both performing there and we're both nominated for things.

"Is that so?" I questioned. She nodded her head. "Well I be sure to think about it".

Niall's P.O.V.

"So on with..." Harry spoke into the microphone introducing the twitter questions part of the concert. I started to zone out looking at the crowd. I still can't believe this is even real life. I smiled down at the fans and blew them a kiss making them go crazy. I was looking around at the posters when one caught my eye. It was a heart shaped and had lights to spell out 'I ship Koran Nonroe'. (Well that's different both of our last names)I instantly knew that it meant they want me and Kris Monroe to be a couple. I wouldn't really mind being her boyfriend I mean you know she's just so amaZAYN (A/n ;) I've always wanted to meet her but never had the time too because of the tours we're both on. But I will see her next week at the Mtv music awards. I'm looking forward too it.

a/n I know the mtv music awards aren't next week :/ I don't know when it is

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