Silent Screams

To the unexpecting eye, Chloe Oakes was just your average girl. She attended school, had boy issues and loved her best friends. She was just like the rest of us... on the outside. Sometimes it the silent screams that are the worse. When she meets Harry, things start to take an unexpected turn... but will Harry help Chloe mend her broken heart, mind and soul or push her closer to the edge?


1. Introduction

I kick the small pebble, and watch as it skips across the cracked pavements. Shoving my hands in my pockets, I look to the clear blue sky and watch the flock of white birds fly by. It was hard not to imagine what it would be like to just be able to sprout wings and fly away, fly far away from this life, from everyone... from everything. A slight smirk spreads across my face at the thought of it. Remembering my father's stern words, I sigh, breaking away from that daydream. You need to stop filling your mind with impossible hopes and dreams. His voice echoing through my head. He was right, I need to stop fueling any false hope. This was as good as it was going to get. Pulling out my phone, I plug in my earphones and blast my Paramore playlist. Once again, everyone's comments interrupt the small inner-calm I was building. Anyone who listens to such sad music must have deep psycological issues. That girl's words always stuck with me. Of course I had issues, but of course no oone knew about the real me, it's not like anyone ever bothered. Why would they? If I couldn't deal with my own problems, how could I expect anyone else to even slightly understand?


Walking onto the school grounds I vacantly watch as the boys push each other around, playing a game of football and the girls walk about, whispering rumours and giggling at whatever ridiculous joke they had fabricated about one of their helpless victims. Life was sad like that, no matter how much people liked to deny it, this was survival of the fittest. You had your perfect, no-trouble-at-all people, your average joes' who got past by blending with the crowd and the outcasts who had never cared what people thought of them anymore. But there's alway that one girl, who smiles and laughs at everyone absolutely ridiculous jokes and stupid comments. She was always there whenever someone was in need but of course, no one was ever there when she struggled... which was pretty much always. She cries herself to sleep every night but wakes up everyday with a bright smile and pretends everything is fine. Everyone just watches as this girl slowly destroys herself...


That girl was me.


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