One Thing! 'Friends' with One Direction?

It's about two girls who become friends with One Direction. Or is it just friends? I cant tell anymore so please read and find out! Thanks :)


13. Who was at the door?

Standing at the door was a very tall, rough looking man. He had many tattoos and piercing and he looked like he worked out a lot. Everyone thought that it was the same person- The father of Holly's baby. Nialls heart sank. He stood back as he felt intimidated by his size. 'Hi.. Um who are you?' Niall asked, trying to look tough. ' you know what I'm here for.' He replied. Everyone's faces froze. They knew how  heartbroken Niall would be if he had to give the baby to this man, even if it was her real father. Niall sighed. 'But you signed the papers' he said with confidence. The many looked down at Niall and shouted' what papers?' Getting spit on Niall's face in the process. Everyone stood back and pretended they weren't listening to the conversation. Then, the social worker came with the baby. She walked in and left the pram in the hallway, looking awkwardly at the tall man. 'Oh cute baby' he squealed. Everyone was shocked... 'Em isn't she yours?' Niall asked. 'Hah no my family are all grown up. My youngest is 17. ' he added with a smile. Niall was so confused. 'So what are you here for?' He asked. 'Isn't it obvious?' The man replied. 'The rent is 6 days late.' At this point Harry stepped in,' sorry we own this place' he said quickly. The man looked really confused. 'Oh hehehe wrong house.' He giggled. Everyone looked at each other and smirked. It was a pleasant misunderstanding. The man apologised and left. 'Did he look High to you?' Louis asked Liam and Zayn. They just laughed. Then everyone made their Way over to see the baby. She was dressed in a lovely pink poka dot dress. Niall picked her up and cuddled her. 'He's so great with kids' Megan thought to herself. The social worker handed Megan some more papers and then left. Everyone played with the  baby and Harry and Niall got nursery set up. Megan got to know the baby. She was a very happy and quirky child. Niall walked over and announced that they were going to have to think of a name for her. Harry was the first to respond ' Georgia rose, no question about it!' Everyone wondered why he was so sure about that name but they all seemed to like it. ' hey Georgia rose. This is your daddy! ' Niall laughed. He loved being called that. He swung her around  in the air and kissed her, before handing her over to Harry who also loves kids.

Sorry this is a really short/bad chapter. Ill be updating again today. Please comment, like and let me know if you have any suggestions or if you want to be in the story. Thanks xx

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