One Thing! 'Friends' with One Direction?

It's about two girls who become friends with One Direction. Or is it just friends? I cant tell anymore so please read and find out! Thanks :)


9. What a mess!

I looked up. I couldn't believe who it was. 'Oh sorry, all right love?'  I was speechless. It was Michael Clifford from 5 seconds of summer, the support band for One Direction on the TMH tour. I looked up at him. He was so much more gorgeous in person. ' you ok, babe?' He asked. I was completely fangirling on the inside.' Um yeah yeah fine thanks, sorry umm bye!' OMG I just made such a fool of myself in front of him. He looked at me and laughed. ' listen, I'm going for a coffee now, would you like to join me?' My heart froze. And for more than one reason. Louis was back In the cafe working! Niall could quite possibly walk in any second and Michael Clifford has asked me to go for coffee with him! 'Uh I'm kind of em..' I looked into his big, cloudy eyes. He smiled at me. He was so adorable. ' uh yeah I guess I could spare half an hour.' 'Great!' He replied. He walked into the cafe. 'After you,' he said while pulling my chair out. I was a bit embarrassed after what had happened last time a guy did that and I tried not to make it too obvious in front of Louis. I could see him Glancing over at the table every few seconds. 'So what's your name?' Michael asked. 'Oh sorry I'm Megan. Most people call me Meg' 'that's a gorgeous name.. And for an even more gorgeous girl. ' Louis was at the table beside us, talking someone's order and he overheard this. He looked at me and mouthed ' you ok?' I nodded back trying not to make it too obvious in front of Michael. After coffee, Michael brought me for a walk on the beach. He was such a gentleman and we were having a brilliant time.. Until we met Niall. He has an extremely short temper so I was so scared that he would lose it at Michael and embarrass me. He was surfing and he walked past us, I could see him smiling at me. He was gorgeous. I was hoping we would get past without any conversation. But just then Michael shouted' alright mate..' Niall came over and sat on a rock next to us. It felt so awkward because I hadn't replied to his text and now I was with one of his best friends. 'What are you up to?' Michael asked. 'Oh nothing really just WAITING.' He emphasised the word waiting and looked at me. I stood up and walked the other side of the beach. 'Whats that all about?' Michael asked Niall. ' why don't you ask her? She has a tendency to ignore people though so I wouldn't hold my breath for an Answer. Michael nodded, awkwardly.

Michaels POV 

Something weird is going on between Niall and Megan. I don't want to be in the middle of it. I saw her standing in the water on the other side of the beach. Niall had already left to go and have lunch. I walked over to Megan. 'Everything alright?' I asked her .' Honestly not really.' She replied. 'Well what is it?I'm. Really good listener. ' 'oh really? Well are you as good a kisser?'  

Megan's POV

Michael smiled and leaned into me and we kissed, standing At the edge of the water. I saw Niall looking over for ages. I wasn't trying to make him jealous. I really like Michael and I think it's time for Niall and I to forgive and forget and move on. We're just not meant to be together. After the kiss, I saw Niall storming off up to the cafe. I felt quite bad but maybe he has finally gotten the message that its all over. Michael  saw him too. ' listen, meg can u tell me what's wrong with Niall?' 'Ok, we went on a few dates,  he left me for a few months,I hooked up with another guy, Niall wants me back but it's over and I'm single now. End of story.' I explained. ' babe, it doesn't look like the story is over. I'm sorry. You should talk to him. I'm a Good mate of his and I really wouldn't want to jeopardise our friendship. ' 'yeah I guess. Ill talk to him. Bye' Michael kissed me on the forehead and walked off.  I ran up the sand dunes and into the cafe. I saw Niall. 'Hey, can I talk to you?' I asked. 'It it a wedding invitation because you seem to be taking things really fast.!' ' seriously Niall what the fuck! We have talked about this and I'm going to tell you one last time. We are not together. I can have any boyfriend I want-' 'so Michaels your boyfriend! After 30 minutes ? And two dates wasn't enough to be my girlfriend? He must be flattered!' ' ugh OMG Niall would you grow up and stop acting like a spoilt baby,' 'spoilt? The love of my life has just been taken away from me by two of my best friends! ' He looked at me and it felt like the perfect moment to kiss. But I couldn't. I'm moving on. 'Niall leaned in and lightly touched my cheeks. It felt so right but I resisted and left the cafe. Niall was about to go after me but Louis told him to stay. He scoffed and left anyway. As I was walking home, I met Michael. He asked me if I was ok and  had I talked to Niall. I told him yes and yes.' Look Megan. You're answer might be different to what I think it should be but - would you like us to be more of a one time thing?' I smiled at him. I thought about it and replied 'Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?' ' it depends on what the answer is Michael laughed. I leaned in and kissed him. He smiled and we walked hand in hand back to my apartment. He kissed my hand and we said goodnight. This day turned out to be pretty perfect.

Ok I don't want this to sound like I'm a stalker but I may have kind of hid in a bush outside the cafe and 'overheard' meg and Michaels conversation. I feel terrible. I shouldn't have spied but I had to know what was so great about him and not me. So, he asked her to be his girlfriend, and of course she said yes. I want to get over her but I can't. She's the only person I've ever loved before. It's heartbreaking to see her with either of my friends.

*the next day.*
Megan's POV

I got a phone call from Zayn last night saying that i should come over today so we can get ready for the tour. It going to be hard because 5 seconds of summer are coming too so the atmosphere is going to be pretty  awkward most of the time. Anyway I'm heading over there now. 

*ding dong* 
Liam answered the door.'Hey Megan.'
'Hi Liam' I replied.

Louis walked over and kissed me on the cheek. I looked at him strangely. He whispered in my ear' I said best friends don't snog, I said nothing about a kiss on the cheek.' I laughed. I said hi to all the members of 5sos and then Niall walked in. He looked at me. There was an awkward silence In the room and everyone could see that we still had feelings for each-other, even we could see it but no one said anything. Then Louis broke the silence 'so who's not ready?' Everyone looked at each other and we picked up our bags and headed out to the cab. We arrived at the airport and checked in. We then got onto the plane. The first concert was in Manchester. I was introduced to Luke's girlfriend, April. She was really nice. We got on really well and I feel like I've known her forever. I sat next to her on the plane. Michael sat next to Luke and Niall sat beside Louis. I couldn't stop staring at Niall. I questioned myself on why I let him go! I'm still deeply in love with him and nothing is going to change that anytime soon. I could see that he and Louis were not talking. They both had headphones in and were staring either out the window or at me. It was so awkward .Michael noticed me staring at them. He asked April if he could switch places with her. She said sure because she then got to sit beside Luke. I wondered why Michael did this, well he is my boyfriend right? Conversation:
Michael: hey
Me: hi
Michael: listen Meg, I know you're still into Niall. Everyone does
Me: I blushed. Um yes. Yeah, I am.
Michael: look, I really like you but if you and Niall both love each other, save everyone the pain and make up.
Me: I think you're right. But what about us!?
Michael: babe, if we're not both happy and you're thinking about someone else, there's no point in there being any 'us'
Me: I'm so sorry Michael. I would never want to hurt you.
Michael: no worries, babe. How bout you go and talk to Niall , huh?
Me: yeah, I guess so. 
Me: oh and Michael..?
Michael: yup?
Me: thanks for everything !
He kissed me on the forehead and then went back to his seat. Both Louis and Niall saw this and they knew that something was up. Just then, I saw Louis getting up to go to the bathroom. Now was my chance, my only chance! I walked over and took Louis's seat, beside Niall. everyone saw this and looked at us, smiling. Niall and I didn't speak. We just looked at each other, barely smiling. Niall still had his headphones in. He didn't bother to take them out but he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I blushed and kissed him back. At this point, everyone was watching us. I smiled at Niall and  then kissed him on the lips. I rested my head on his chest just like I had done with Louis. But this time it felt 100,00 times better. It felt like my head just fitted in and we were meant to be. I think Niall felt this too. He kissed me on the head and I fell asleep. I woke up a few minutes later. Louis was standing beside me. I felt so embarrassed and shocked. I gasped and jumped a bit. 'Babe, calm down. It's all good, love!' He laughed. ' so you're ok with it?' I asked unsure. '100%. Your Niall's girl but your my best friend.. I hope ? ' I replied ' yeah of course Lou. Best friends forever.' I laughed, but I was serious. Louis nodded his head and before we knew it we were all asleep.

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