One Thing! 'Friends' with One Direction?

It's about two girls who become friends with One Direction. Or is it just friends? I cant tell anymore so please read and find out! Thanks :)


4. The concert!

 We went past security and then we walked into the stadium. All I could say was 'woah!' It was massive, and packed with SCREMAING fans! I could see that Chloe wasn't quite looking herself but I thought it must've just been the make up or something. We took our seats and chatted for a little while. Chloe was very quiet. The support group opening for one direction were two Irish teenagers called Jack and Cormac. They appeared on Britain's got talent and wowed the judges and stole the hearts of many young girls (Including Chloe and I). They opened with 'mountain sound' by of monsters and men. It wasn't my favourite song but they performed it well. Then one direction came on. If there was a roof on the stadium it would have blown straight off. They were amazing. But I couldn't concentrate on them completely as Chloe wasn't herself. Security guards came in and led everyone from Cusack stand down to an area beside the runway when one direction were performing 'heart attack' it was spectacular. I loved being so close to them.

Chloe's POV .
I remembered security guards leading us down to the runway. The last thing I saw were Niall's beautiful blue eyes staring at me. Then everything went dark and fuzzy. I couldn't see niall anymore. It was like it had all been a dream. Until I woke up to the sound of 'kiss you.' My favourite song. I slowly opened my eyes. I was in a hospital bed. There were no nurses or doctors. Megan was sitting one side of me and Harry styles and niall horan were on the other. I thought I was dreaming. I heard Harry's gorgeous Cheshire accent in the distance. 'Em I think she is awake..' He said quietly. 'Chloe?' Megan asked. I opened my eyes wider and sat up. It wasn't a fantasy or a dream. It was real. Harry styles and niall horan were in my hospital room. Wait, what am I doing in hospital? Megan told me that I passed out last night and was rushed to hospital. After the concert, Harry and Niall came as fast as the could to see me. 'But .. Why ?' I asked. 'Love, we wanted to make sure our biggest fan was ok. ' Harry said. 'Especially one as beau-iful as you' Niall added. I felt myself blushing but I don't think anyone noticed because my skin was so pale. 'Look, we will let you get some rest, give you some space.' Harry sighed, ' maybe ill see you tomorrow?' Now this time, no matter how pale I was, I think everyone noticed me blushing.
The left and I got some sleep. 

Megan's POV.
I'm kind of freaking out, just a little bit. The boys left a note on the bedside locker in Chloe's  hospital room. It read:

We'd love to see you again soon,
Our numbers our written on the other side. 
Give us a call, 
Harry and Niall x

This time I wasn't fangirling. I felt like it was just normal guys asking to see us.

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