One Thing! 'Friends' with One Direction?

It's about two girls who become friends with One Direction. Or is it just friends? I cant tell anymore so please read and find out! Thanks :)


10. The announcement.

We arrived in Manchester at 15:10 and went straight to our hotel. There were 3 rooms.
Harry, Chloe, Niall and Megan were in one room
April, Luke, Michael and Calum were in another and
Louis, Liam, zayn and Ashton were In the third.

Megan's POV

I was so happy to be back with Niall. it felt so right.The concert wasn't until tomorrow so we headed down to the beach. Liam had a portable radio with him. The forecaster announced that it had hit 31 degrees. We were all delighted. Niall and I lay on a beach towel together, relaxing and secretly sunbathing. Michael looked pretty bummed if I'm honest. At least I thought so- until he met a girl up in a campsite and was asked if he wanted to join her. We haven't seen him since and Luke and April headed down there with him. I think they were having a barbecue. louis looked like he was trying to enjoy himself but I know that deep down he still has feelings for me. I can't say the same for myself though. Niall is the only person I would want to be with right now if I could pick anyone in the world. I haven't seen Chloe in 8 months. When the guys had free time for a few months without any concerts, Harry went over to stay with Chloe and her mam.  I can't wait to see her but a lot can change or happen in 8 months. She might be a completely new person. We barely see Harry anymore. Since the band have had a break for a good while, everyone has been doing their own things. When Harry is home, he is either sleeping or just being really moody. It's not pleasant. But it's even worse when he gets hyper. One night he had a few drinks in him and he tried to kiss me. It was very awkward but luckily we all knew it was just a bit of fun for him. When he sobered up, he apologised and I think he genuinely felt quite embarrassed about it. I don't mind things like that but that night when Liam tried to kiss me- ill never forget. (As much as I try) Liam is a decent lad but I just think he feels lonely. I hope he finds himself a girl somewhere on tour. Same applies for Louis. He is my best friend but I still feel like Niall and I can't be ourselves around him incase we say or do something that we might regret. That's one of the problems with trying to change friendship Into love.. Or dating a famous person..or your friend's friend. Why does it have to be so complicated?

*the beach* 
Chloe: OMG OMG OMG Megan!!!! 
Megan: Chloe hey!!!
The two girls ran over and hugged each other. Harry came and kissed Chloe on the cheek. 'It's so great to see you guys again !' Chloe squealed. 'You too' replied Megan. 'The BBQ is ready now !' Shouted Louis. Everyone ran over and sat on the benches overlooking the sea. It was a beautiful sight. 'So Chloe, did your mum find work over in Scotland?' 'Yeah she's found a really good Job working as a therapist In a hospital over there. It pays well and the hospital is just beside mine and Harry's apartment.' I nodded my head and smiled. 'A therapist?' Louis said confused 'that must be weird.' ' Louis ' Liam snapped. 'No its ok, Louis. I thought that too but my mum enjoys it. She actually told me that most of her clients Are young people who have obsessions with different famous singers and bands including one direction! ' 'wow' gasped Niall. ' so people go to therapy because we affect them!' He laughed. ' well when you put it like that .....' Harry and Chloe held hands ' well I better not tell them that I'm engaged to Harry styles then.' Niall was drinking a glass of coke and he spit it out all over the table, before dropping his mouth as low as it could go. 'En- engaged? ' they both nodded their heads. ' well, we want to spend the rest of our lives together so why not?' Chloe exclaimed. ' Chloe you've just turned 19. You're barely an adult. You haven't even qualified college yet and you're thinking about settling down?' Shouted Megan. What does this mean, having children as well? Niall laughed. Harry and Chloe didn't seem to think that any of this was funny. They looked sternly at everyone around the table, before getting up and walking back onto the beach. Tonight was going to be really awkward for us because we have to sleep in the same hotel room as them. 

*that night*
Megan' POV

Niall and I went up to the hotel room . We lay on the bed, holding each other tight and watched a bit of tv. We waited for Harry and Chloe to come up but they didn't. ' ill be back in a minute babe,' Niall sighed , before kissing me passionately and then pulling himself away to open the door.  As he was making his way down to reception, he met Harry. ' hey man what's up? Why aren't you guys back in the room?' Niall asked. 'Umm Niall, Chloe and I are staying in  a different room tonight. By ourselves.' Harry said impatiently. 'Eh ok why?' Niall asked , puzzled. 'Well things didn't go to well earlier and obviously fights would start if we were in the same room. Right?' 'Eh.. Yeah you're right. Night, man!' 'Goodnight  Niall,' replied Harry.  
Niall returned to the room and jumped on the bed next to Megan. 'Hey' he whispered. Megan looked at him strangely.. 'Hi' she said quietly. Niall thought for a minute before sitting up.'So I met Harry.' 'Oh yeah?' 'Yup.. Em they're staying int their own room tonight. He says it's because fights might start between us if we're all in here.' 'Oh come on that's silly. ' replied Megan softly. 'Yeah I guess. I'm just starting to think mine and Harry's  friendship may be in jeopardy.' Niall said in a sad tone. 'Babe. You and Harry are band mates, best friends. Something silly like this little argument isn't going to change anything.'Megan reassured him. Niall nodded his head and put his arms around Megan. They both quickly drifted off to sleep.

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