One Thing! 'Friends' with One Direction?

It's about two girls who become friends with One Direction. Or is it just friends? I cant tell anymore so please read and find out! Thanks :)


7. Decision time

The next few months were awful. Chloe and her mum decided to stay in the uk for longer. I have not seen Niall in about 4 months and they're going back on tour soon. I wish we could talk things out. When I was shopping in the city this morning, I met Louis. He gave me his number and said if I ever needed anyone to talk to, he would be there. I think he's the only one I can rely on at the moment. I have been thinking long and hard about it and I've decided I'm going to give him a ring.

Phone call:
L: Yello
M: um hey Louis.
L: hey meg!
M: listen, remember you said if I needed anyone to tal-
L: I'm all ears 
M: actually I was wondering if you could come over?only if you want to that is. 
L:yeah no prob give me 5 minutes 

Louis came over and we talked a lot about my relationship with Niall and when I think about it, it wasn't a relationship. it was two dates. But I feel more. I wish he would let me talk to him. I'm going to miss Louis so much when he goes on tour. Ill have no one to talk to and I'm going to be feeling so alone. *ring ring* ugh please be Niall.  It wasn't. It was Louis.

Phone call:
M: hey
L: hey.. Um can I talk to you about something?
M:sure Lou, what is it?
L:ok this is so hard for me to say and I know you used to date niall and stuff but-
M: louis it was two dates!
L:ok well, there's chemistry 
M: please get to the point.
L:ok. Em I was thinking about how you said you will be so bored and alone and stuff when were gone so i was wondering if maybe you would possibly like to come on tour with us? Only if you want. And it suits the lads.
M: even Niall?
L: ok maybe not Niall but I haven't talked to him yet. He will be cool.
M: oh Louis I don't know what to say . Are you sure it's ok?
L: yes 100% and I'd love having you with us.
M: thanks Lou.
L: look how about we meet for a drink.. 10 mins  in the cafe?
M: yeah sure.
The lads own the cafe and it's after hours so they can go in whenever they like.

I sat down next to Louis in the cafe. We talked about the tour and how fun it would be. I told him how I would love to come but what about Niall? He said 'if I were Niall I'd never let you go.' I was speechless and starting to feel clammy. It all got so intense. No one else was in the cafe. Louis leaned in for a kiss. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing and without thinking I leaned in and responded to his kiss. He stopped after a minute and looked at me as if to ask 'what now?' I grabbed his face and kissed him more. I couldn't believe I was doing this and in my head I was telling myself to stop but my heart was telling me that I had to move in from Niall. I felt so safe there with Louis. After we finished kissing, he moved my hair out of my eyes and gestured for me to put my head on him. I rested my head against his chest. It felt so good to be with him but I couldn't stop myself thinking about Niall. Just then,we heard the key In the cafe door turning. It was Niall. I looked up and saw his face. There were tears in his eyes and his voice was shaking as he spoke. 'W-what's g-going o-oo-on?' He asked. Both Louis and I looked at each-other. I had no clue what I was supposed to say. 'Well.?' Niall asked. Louis sighed 'I was just comforting her mate, nothing happened.' Niall Imitated Louis's accent saying 'nothing happened!' I saw tears pouring down Niall's face. He coughed to try to cover them up. Louis and I could both see them. Then Niall broke down into tears. I rubbed him on the back. 'Ah mate it's ok' Louis said. Niall continued sobbing,' I mess everything up' 'hey, that's not true!'  Replied. 'Yes I do meg, I love you. I can't even get that right!' I was shocked. He said he loves me. Louis looked at me and I did not want to hear what he was going to say next. 'But i love her too.' He whispered. 'No guys, this is some kind of mistake, it's not true you're just upset!' I tried to reassure  myself. ' I know how I feel about you,' replied Niall, before adding ' wait, what! Louis.. Why do you love my girlfriend? ' ' oh please Niall. What was it, one or two dates and you left her for several months while I was the only one who stayed and looked out for her. Yeah you were a great boyfriend,' Louis said sternly. ' he's right Niall. You left me and you never asked me to be your girlfriend.louis was here for me when I needed him.' ' What so you're just going to give up on me and be with Louis?' ' don't put me under this kind of pressure Niall it's not fair.' 'No, now listen, me or him? You choose!

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