One Thing! 'Friends' with One Direction?

It's about two girls who become friends with One Direction. Or is it just friends? I cant tell anymore so please read and find out! Thanks :)


11. Bad news

Megan's POV 

I woke up and to my surprise, Niall wasn't there. I rang his phone and it began ringing under his pillow. 'Ugh Niall! Why doesn't he bring his phone anywhere?' I asked myself in my head.
I went downstairs to the breakfast room. Harry was sitting there but Chloe wasn't with him- for once. 'Hey Hun!' I exclaimed. 'Hi..!' He said in a dull voice. I thought in my head ' is this his normal morning voice?' The answer was pretty clear- no. 'Everything ok?' I asked him. 'Not quite love. It's Chloe. She's left me.' 'I sighed and gave him a big hug. Why? You guys were doing just fine earlier!' 'Yeah. Well people change their minds. It turns out she was using me for a good story for her mums new book. The therapist thing was all a lie. ' he began sobbing. ' oh Harry. Come here,' i kissed his forehead and moved the hair out of his eyes. I had never seen him so upset. 'Why don't you and I go and get some lunch together?' I asked him with a motherly smile. 'What about Niall?' He asked. 'Ah that fella. Yeah his gone out and left his phone in the hotel room so I have no way of contacting him so ill see him when I see him. 'Ok then,thanks meg.' We headed down to Nandos and picked a table close to the window so we could see the sun shining bright on the ocean in front of us. It was beautiful. Just then, Niall walked in.' Hey guys, em meg, can I talk to you? Please now it's urgent!' 'Um sure. Excuse me a moment, Harry.' Harry nodded and smiled.

'Ok what is it?' I asked. 'Babe, it's holly. ' he replied. 'Ugh Niall not her again I thought she was over you.'I sighed. ' no, meg you don't understand. Holly is in hospital.' ' what why?' I asked. 'She gave birth,' Niall replied. I stood, seeing stars for a few moments.. 'T-to your child?' I asked hoping the answer was no. 'Ew of course not, babe' Niall replied. I felt a glow of relief make its way through my body. 'So how does this involve you babe?' I asked. 'Ok, meg. The father.. He's not around. It was a one night stand kind of thing and she hasn't seen him since she got pregnant, she had talked to him on the phone once and he said he wanted to have nothing got to do with the child. 'Oh that's awful', I sighed. 'But babe, you don't understand. They had to do a major operation to deliver the baby as she was premature.' Niall sighed a long sigh, which seemed to him like it was never ending. 'Babe, holly didn't make it.' I looked at Niall With confusion. Suddenly I began to see stars. 'Babe.. You ok?'

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