One Thing! 'Friends' with One Direction?

It's about two girls who become friends with One Direction. Or is it just friends? I cant tell anymore so please read and find out! Thanks :)


12. A life changing decision.

I woke up in a hospital bed. Niall was with me, holding a baby. I thought for a second that I had just given birth. Then I remembered the story about holly. A doctor and a therapist came in and asked us to come to an office to have a chat with them. Niall helped me out of bed and we followed the doctors. We sat down in a pokey little office. I sat beside Niall and help his hand. A midwife came in and took the baby.' So first I'd like to start by asking you a few questions' explained the doctor. ' Niall. You were Holly's ex ?' 'Yeah ,' Niall replied, still in shock. 'Ok and you do understand the situation. This baby has no parents, grandparents, holly was an only child so no uncles or aunts. the father signed legal papers and went through court to be taken away from all guardianship of the baby. It might not seem like it but you are the closest legal guardian. Niall looked at me ,shocked. 'So what are you saying?' Niall asked. ' well of course if you decide, we can transfer the baby to an orphanage and match her up with some new parents. But you have the final say as in Holly's will she left all of her legal decisions to you. Niall let out a massive sigh and put his hands on his head. ' look, mate. I'm only 19. I'm not finished college yet,I'm not even biologically related to this kid. ' 'yes I understand Niall. But you are the closest to a biological parent that she has. Now, we can transfer her to an orphanage if you ch-' 'sorry could you let us talk about this for a few minutes?' Niall asked the doctor. 'Of course. Take all the time you need.' Niall? ' I asked. I knew he wanted to keep the baby'Babe, what else can I do?' 'Look Niall. You are her guardian, it's your decision not mine. I'm 18. If and I'm saying if things don't work out between us, you have to be 100% committed to this baby for the rest of your life and you will be on tour too. Niall thought for a few minutes,' i know. And I will be. there is more help and support on tour than there is at home anyway. it's time for me to grow up and I'm ready for this.' I respected his decision and kissed him on the forehead ' you're amazing' I whispered. The doctor and therapist came back in. 'We've.. i mean I've made a decision,' exclaimed Niall. 'Id like to be her legal guardian and father.' I smiled and held his hand tightly. He smiled at me.

10 days later. 
'Everything has to be perfect guys ' exclaimed Niall. 
'Ok, ok , we get it ' everyone responded impatiently. I kissed Niall's  hand and he kissed mine. 'Were bringing a baby home,' he exclaimed. The doorbell rang. Niall waited a few seconds before answering It. He was taken aback when he saw who it was.

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