Same Lovers

Larry Fanfiction. After a chuch protesting with gay signs sayign for them to go to Hell outside one of their concerts, Managment decided Louis and Harry need to call their relationship off. They need to keep their rep. How will Harry deal with this after he becomes the fragile one. When Louis decides they need to just stop it. When he gets his heart broken because his boyfri- ex, decides they really do need to cut it off. Will him trying to get Louis to be in a private relationship be enough? Will they get caught? Will One Direction ever be the same?


1. The Protests

Harry's POV

(On the tour bus after both shows)

"Harry, Louis, Over here now." Our manager called to us. The strictness in her voice made me flinch. "Yes?" I asked, Knowing what this was all about but trying my best not to show it. "You know what. Things like what happened today isn't acceptable. You guys need to break up for good." "But, we've been hiding it so well." I cried out. "Not good enough! We need all this to stop. Now." I looked at Louis, his fragile face about to break down any moment. " I love Harry" He croaked out. " I don't care! If you want this boy band together no more Larry stuff. This is what gave One Direction the gay reputation." I can't believe she's actually blaming us! I felt my insides begin to boil. " It would have happened either way. We are a boy band who aren't related for Gods Sake!" I bit back. "I don't give two shits." She only curses when shes serious. " I've made my decision. Now I don't want to catch you two doing things like this together anymore." She walked off before we were able to say anything more. I sigh turning to look at my beautiful boyfriend. His soft face turned hard. "Louis, I don't want things to change between us." I start, But soon he cuts me off. " Harry, we have no choice! We need to break up and just be friends." Did i just hear him correctly? "Are you actually breaking up with me?!" "He just stares down at his hands. "It's for the band. You heard her. We can't do ANYTHING about it, Haz. I love you." He quietly says, kissing me on my tear stained cheek before walking off. He just broke up with me.. I honestly don't know what to do. Louis is my everything, He's the one who saved my life. He got me through everything. Imagine losing that one person who means everything to you. I honestly can't live without him.

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